Mail Call

January 10, 2004

"An item in Thursday's Mail Call from Bonnie asking people with cards to send them to her gave an incorrect phone number. The number given is for a business in the area and there is no Bonnie working there. Please do not call that number anymore. If Bonnie would call back with the correct number, that would be great."

"Since the war has started, 9,000 soldiers have been evacuated from Iraq from either wounds or illness. When the Pentagon was asked to break down these numbers, they said they couldn't. What can the Pentagon do? They can't find weapons of mass destruction, they can't find bin Laden and they can't find a legitimate reason for going to war to begin with. Maybe it's time to throw the administration out and put someone in the Pentagon in the defense department who can know the truth and tell it to the American people. I am tired of being lied to, are you?"


"As a 28-year veteran of the Division of Corrections here in Maryland, I have one comment about a letter to the editor written by an MCI inmate. There is nothing further from the truth. Thank you for your time."

"I wanted to comment on the recent legislation regarding tattoos within Hagerstown city limits. Many professional middle-class people have tattoos now. They aren't just given to people who don't have jobs. Tattoo parlors are a business that some people make frequent of Hagerstown. I got tattoos, I got them in Williamsport because there is never any parking in Hagerstown and there is too much riff-raff on the streets."

"I believe I just witnessed an illegal act. If a person cleans out the sand traps at the car wash and dumps the oil-laden, slimy sludge down a dirt bank to the rear of the property, I do believe that they has violated about a dozen environmental regulations of both the state and federal governments. I do hope that the proper authorities look into this matter."

"Did you read Tim Rowland's column on Jan. 7? Did you look up the word, 'offal?"

"I was reading in Wednesday's paper that the Salvation Army has given necessary hygiene to 2,400 prisoners. They get free housing, free food and I thought the Salvation Army was to give to the needy? The inmates are crooks, killers and robbers and if they are going to give these people money, they might as well forget about me putting anymore money into their red kettles."

"I am a Daily Mail carrier in the Smithsburg area and deliver around Edgemont Road, Greensburg Road, Pinesville Road and around Mapleville Road and some in downtown Smithsburg. I just wanted to thank all my wonderful customers this year for the wonderful cards and gifts you gave me. I just wanted to let you know that it was very much appreciated. Thanks for the wonderful support. It means a great deal to me to know that you think about me. Thanks very much."

"For the woman who visited the Valley Mall and her young child lost their glasses. She went looking for them, and she was told that they weren't there. We found them and if you need your child's glasses, you can contact Customer Service or Security at the Valley Mall and then we will return them for you."

"I would lik to say hi to Lindy of Williamsport - what great friends you and your caring wife, LaRue are. Lindy, watch out for our Dodgers, they are gonna go all the way this year. Remember, you are both thought about and cared about. Take care. Love ya and God bless you both."

- Williamsport

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