Pa. man sentenced in Pizza Hut robbery

January 08, 2004|by DON AINES

A Chambersburg man who stole a pizza by threatening an employee with a handful of bullets was sentenced Wednesday in Franklin County Court to serve from 33 months to 20 years in state prison for that and other crimes.

Robert L. Reaid Jr., 33, of 528 Stanley Ave., was also sentenced for an attempted robbery in which he used a block of wood covered with black electrician's tape and for delivery of crack cocaine, according to court records.

Pennsylvania State Police charged Reaid with the Dec. 4, 2002, robbery of the Pizza Hut at 907 Lincoln Way East. According to the affidavit of probable cause, he entered the store at about 9 p.m. and showed the bullets to the employee, saying he had a gun in a car waiting outside.


He was later charged in the Nov. 11, 2002, attempted holdup at Schoenberger's Restaurant at 346 Lincoln Way East. In that incident, a man with a knit cap over his face entered the beer carryout section of the business and pointed what appeared to be a gun at the cashier, according to Chambersburg Police.

"Give me the money," the man told the woman.

The woman said, "Excuse me?" and when he repeated the demand, she ran out of the store, according to the affidavit. The robber fled without any money, according to court records.

Reaid was also charged with selling drugs to an undercover police officer on Nov. 16, 2002, according to court records.

Reaid pleaded guilty to the robbery, attempted robbery and drug delivery charges last month, according to court records.

Judge Carol Van Horn said that Reaid was awaiting trial on other charges at the time of his arrest for the Pizza Hut robbery. Court records showed he pleaded guilty to another drug delivery charge on Dec. 12, 2002, and was sentenced to serve from six to 60 months in state prison.

"You're being sentenced as a result of the record you've created," said Van Horn, who ordered the robbery and attempted robbery sentences to run consecutively after the expiration of the earlier delivery sentence. The one-year delivery sentence he received will run concurrently with the robbery sentence, the judge said.

Reaid was ordered to pay $1,100 in fines, $120 in restitution to Pizza Hut and about $500 in other costs related to his prosecution.

Amy Hartman, 27, of 8339 Fort McCord Rd., is scheduled to appear in court Monday on related charges of criminal conspiracy to commit robbery and hindering apprehension.

The Franklin County District Attorney's Office alleges she drove the getaway car in the attempted robbery of Schoenberger's and lied to police about Reaid's whereabouts after being questioned by police about the Pizza Hut robbery.

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