Rosey coronation makes Trojans the toast of Tinseltown

January 06, 2004|by TIM KOELBLE

The Trojan Horse marched in celebration after Southern California trampled over Michigan in Thursday's Rose Bowl victory.

No doubt, USC's famed mascot was hoofing all over Tinseltown after LSU whooped up on Oklahoma Sunday.

And the French Quarter in New Orleans was probably the picture of a Mardi Gras celebration two months early Sunday evening after LSU's win.

Exactly what the BCS was put together to eliminate has happened. A split national champion with USC getting the Associated Press title and LSU winning the coaches' title due to their agreement with the BCS to automatically proclaim the BCS winner No. 1.

Of the eight teams playing in the four BCS bowl games, which team displayed an end-to-end display worthy of being No. 1 outright?


The team, in my mind, that should have been in the Sugar Bowl - USC - is the undisputed No. 1 team in the country. So, they lost a triple-overtime game earlier in the year. At least they weren't blown out at the end of the regular season like Oklahoma was by Kansas State.

At the end of the season, Southern Cal was playing the best football in the country and I think the end of the year is when you want to be at the top of your game.

Certainly, Louisiana State played a terrific game defensively against Oklahoma. Special teams and Oklahoma's ineptness on offense helped the Tigers' offensive production.

They deserve to claim a piece of the pie, one they haven't sliced since the days of Billy Cannon back in 1958.

And the Sooners proved their loss to Kansas State in the Big 12 championship game was no fluke. Jason White proved to everyone he was worthy of the Heisman Trophy. Hmmm ... excuse me while I clear my throat.

I'll guarantee you that at least half of the coaches obligated to vote LSU the No. 1 team would vote for Southern Cal if they had the opportunity.

Wouldn't you like to see one more game this Sunday? Southern Cal against Louisiana State? If the BCS had things straight it wouldn't be necessary, but since the question has been asked, I think it would be equal to the hysteria of a Super Bowl.

And isn't it amazing that the split national winners are coached by men that have each spent time in the National Football League? USC's Pete Carroll was with the New York Jets while LSU's Nick Saban was with the old Cleveland Browns and Houston Oilers.

In the BCS' post-mortem we'll get a haberdashery of ways the committee will try to solve its problems.

I've got one good suggestion: Blow it up!

No more computers. A new system must be put in place and the final year of the BCS contract for next season must be revamped. There should be some preliminary requirements made - such as winning your conference title - and possibly a committee that can make the final decisions that would ensure the top two teams playing in the championship game.

Meanwhile, the Trojan Horse rides on.

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