Letters to the Editor - 1/2/04

January 02, 2004

Powell's voice is needed

To the editor:

Sometimes I wonder why there are not more moderate (read liberal) voices speaking out about current issues in the editorial pages. Every time I read an Allan Powell letter, I hear anguished voices accusing him of such things as liberal rant when he expresses his beliefs and criticizes the Republican party and the religious right for issues such as a woman's right to choose.

However, he does have strong opinions and I hope he keeps expressing them. I would also hope that other people who agree with him would write letters to the editor. The community is not totally conservative and moderate voices should be heard.

Powell's views are moderate compared to the person who in two consecutive identical letters recently, stated that he supports George W. Bush only because of the president's faith in God and commitment to his family. He goes on to say he doesn't judge him on the basis of his pronouncements, proposals or past performance.


I haven't yet seen any letters to the editor which take exception to this view but I certainly believe responsible voting citizens should consider the accomplishments of any of our politicians and particularly the president of the United States when they go to the polls. The president's religious beliefs are not to be belittled, but faith in God, as important as it is, does not make him a good leader and it is not a sole indicator of responsible leadership.

Issues which voters should consider are such items as truth about the reasons for going to war in Iraq, conduct of the war and the peace, preservation of the environment, national debt and unemployment and the economic future of the nation.

We as responsible citizens need to study the issues and the way the country is being led rather than relying solely on the president's religious expressions.

Harold G. Martin

Waynesboro, Pa.

Do critics know of what they speak?

To the editor:

I do not normally respond to written attacks upon me in this paper, but this time I must. In recent letters by Walker and Snider, I was appalled by their distortions of Islam. I must ask Walker how much time has he spent in Saudi. By the way, Mr. Snider, there is no "a" on the end of Saudi.

How many Friday prayers have you been to? How many institutes of learning have you attended? First of all, do you read any Arabic at all? Walker and Snider claim expertise in Fig (Islamic jurisprudence). Where did they get their credentials, or do they just listen to fanatics such as Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson?

I am proud to say that I am a talib (religion student) at a branch of the Imam Muhammad ibn Abdullah Aziz Islamic University. I cannot count the number of Friday prayers I have been to with Saudi Imam.

Most of my closest friends are Saudi, and I have never heard the nonsense Snider and Walker claim. I am willing to let anyone read my text books, but they must read Arabic, for nothing is in English. As for my brother S.V. Yumlu to whom you refer, I love him, but I strongly disagree with his compromising of Islam, due to being in the West too long.

Faisal Husseini


Help appreciated

To the editor:

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) held a fund-raiser on Nov. 15, at the Chambersburg, Pa., Sunny- Way grocery store. We raised money for the American Lung Association.

We wanted to thank everyone for all your help and for supporting us. Some of the places that supported us were: Weis, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Giant, Johnnies Hotel and Restaurant Supply, SunnyWay, Franklin County Career and Technology Center, Main Street Deli, Wal-Mart, and Chambersburg Beverage.

We wanted to thank Lorna Gossert, David Gossert and Brenda Wilson for helping us get some of the things we needed to Sunny-Way. We raised about $150. Thanks again.

Joyce Cook

Chambersburg, Pa.

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