Mail Call for 12-31

January 01, 2004

"We would like to wish our Herald-Mail customers a happy and prosperous New Year and thank them for their cards and gifts. Also, thanks for the cards and prayers for my wife while she is recovering. Thanks, from the Speakers."

"Mr. Bailey, I wonder why you said about the state property taxes in your letter to the editor. The state property tax portion of your tax bill is very modest. A big portion of it goes to the county. Why don't you ask the five county commissioners, all Republicans ... to lower the property tax rate. I am sure that they could accommodate you since property assessments have been going up ... for the past three years. The county has been receiving more revenue than they ever have. That is where the problem is. I bet you they will never do a tax decrease unless it is right before election year and then after they are re-elected they will raise it back up again. You better look at where the taxes are going."


"Three years ago, the paper had a recipe for cookies made from various cake mixes. Does anyone have that recipe? If you do, put it in Mail Call or call me at 301-992-4241."

"In response to the Mail Caller who said gas is inexpensive here. Gasoline is not inexpensive here. It is very expensive when you consider most of it is tax. Roughly 45 cents per gallon is tax. In addition, to the Mail Caller who just returned from the Bahamas. If you want to pay $3.19 per gallon for gas, I am sure the Bahamas would love to have that Mail Caller for a resident."

"Christmas is giving and thanks to Lisa of Hagerstown Floors, three families had food, clothing and toys for the children. She is a very giving person and we would like to thank her."

"A special thanks to those people who pushed my car out of the line of traffic in Boonsboro on Friday, Dec. 26. The car completely stopped and wouldn't start up again. Many thanks."

"I am calling to find out, I used to get my vacuum cleaner fixed at a store called 'The Vacuum Store.' It was on, at one time, I think downtown somewhere, but then they moved to the South End Shopping Center beside Triple A. The guy was very nice, he was a wonderful guy. They closed the business a few years ago. Can anyone let me know how he is doing and what he is doing?"

"Does anyone have a contact phone number for Jay C. Hauling?"

"I am calling about the architectural magazines that were offered in the paper the other day. I am interested in having them. Call me at 301-739-4470."

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