Students share resolutions, career goals and wishes for 2004

December 29, 2003|by JULIE E. GREENE

Cleaning their rooms, improving their division and saving money were among the New Year's resolutions of a group of Conococheague Elementary School students.

"My New Year's resolution is that I'm going to be better in math," said Megan Bernhisel of the Hagerstown area. When asked how old she was, Megan said, "I'm 7. I just had my tonsils out."

Megan said her goal last year was to clean her room, but she stuffed her belongings under her bed and lost her television privileges.


Amber Rouzee, 7, wants to help out around the house more by cleaning her room and helping decorate the house for the holidays.

"I had to clean my room a lot this week," the second-grader said.

Brittany Yost, 7, also wants to help around the house by cleaning her room. Brittany said her room was clean, but her mother had to ask her several times to clean it.

Kierston Dudley, 7, wants "to get better grades at school and pay attention more."

Last year Kierston's resolution was to help the poor.

"I helped. I was putting some clothes in a box for the poor people," Kierston said. The clothes were items she had outgrown.

Fourth-grader Brandon Stride wants to help the less fortunate.

"I want to try to help people with their houses, to fix it for the people who can't fix their houses, like their porch if it's broke," he said.

Trei Commer, 9, wants to fix cars next year, while Grant Baker, 9, wants to help his dad with wiring as he works on their home.

Fifth-grader Bradley Springer, 10, wants to save up money to buy a Stitch toy from "Lilo & Stitch." "One I saw for $30 in a Disney store. It's a really big Stitch and it's all fluffy everywhere," he said.

Fellow fifth-graders Aubrey Kennedy and Kyle Franks also want to save money. Kyle wants to buy the PlayStation 2 game "NBA Live 2004" and Aubrey wants to be able to buy something, maybe a stuffed monkey, during her trip to Disney World next summer.

When asked what her New Year's resolution was, Ashlyn Long said, "I want my grandpa to get off of his oxygen."

Ashlyn, 10, of Hagerstown, wants her grandfather to be able to "go places."

Upon hearing Ashlyn's resolution, Bradley added a second resolution, though it was more of a wish and it can't wait until 2004.

"I want my mom to get off her surgery in time for Christmas," Bradley said.

The four first-graders interviewed did not know about New Year's resolutions.

When they were told that New Year's resolutions were goals people set at the beginning of the year to accomplish that year, Phillip Godlove, 6, of Williamsport, said he wanted to be a policeman next year.

Hearing Phillip's answer, the other first-graders picked career goals.

Brian Morningstar wants to be a fireman and Heather Fisher wants to be a teacher.

At first, Austin Bremerman said he wanted to be a train driver, but changed his answer to an artist.

When asked what he would do to become a fireman next year, Brian said he would get the fire extinguisher to spray out fires.

Some of the fourth-graders needed to be reminded about the meaning of a New Year's resolution.

Taylor Namm, 9, of Hagers-town, said she would do a better job of keeping her room clean by cleaning it every day after school. Her room was "spotless" that day, after her mother has asked her 10 times to clean it, she said.

"To become a better math student because on my report card I got a 'C' in math," said Zac O'Neal, 9, of Hagerstown. Zac said he will study his facts and listen better in class to improve his multiplication and division.

Kayla Smith, 9, said she will "clean the whole house." Now she cleans her room and often cleans the living room.

Jade Gray, 9, of Hagerstown, said she will "start being nicer to my mom, because I always back talk to her and I won't listen to her."

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