New Year's resolutions on minds of many

December 28, 2003|by SCOTT BUTKI

Washington County residents this week shared their New Year's resolutions with the Herald-Mail.

"I resolve to communicate more and procrastinate less," said Suzanne Hayes, branch manager of Morgan Stanley in Hagerstown.

"My resolution would be to start getting ready for the Christmas holidays earlier than we have for the last two years," Mayor William M. Breichner said.

Washington County Health Officer William Christoffel said his New Year's resolution is to continue to lose weight.

Some lesser known residents also told us about their resolutions.

Richard Brown of Hagerstown said he wants to quit smoking.

"I puff too much," he said.

Stacie Sisk, also of Hagerstown, said she wants to lose weight and get out of debt.

Bobby Strothers, of Hagerstown, said he has resolved to stop drinking.


Amy Moore, of Hagerstown, said her resolution is "to get my life together and keep clean and stay clean."

Chris Barthelow of Hagerstown said his resolution is to get a job.

Kathy Garry of Hagerstown said her resolutions are "to get a job, get an apartment and get my son back."

W. Edward Forrest, a Washington County Board of Education member, said his New Year's Resolution is "to be more conscious of his health," including losing weight.

As a School Board member his resolution is "to keep working in a more positive atmosphere," Forrest said.

City Councilman N. Linn Hendershot said his resolution is "to work harder to be a better communicator with my fellow City Council members and city staff to better focus on specific short-term and long-term initiatives that will impact on the overall image of our city and directly impact on the quality of life of our citizens. Personally, I want to strive to be more patient and to be a better listener."

Councilwoman Carol Moller said her resolution is to spend more time with good friends.

Washington County Commissioner William J. Wivell and Hagerstown City Councilman Lewis C. Metzner may have different political stances but both said they do not believe in making New Year's Resolutions.

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