Many unconcerned about increased alert status

December 28, 2003|by SCOTT BUTKI and CANDICE BOSELY

Most Tri-State residents polled Saturday say they are not worried about terrorist attacks, despite the increased government alert status publicized last week.

"No, I am not too worried about it," Paul Hardman, 88, of Waynesboro, Pa., said.

Danny Jordan, 39, of Hagerstown, said he is not concerned or doing anything in response to the terrorism warnings that increased last week.

"If you worry about it, you stop living," Dani Barker, 37, of Martinsburg, said.

Marty Miller, 64, of Martinsburg, served two years, 10 months and eight days in Vietnam before machine gun shrapnel cut his third tour of duty short in 1970. Then, like now, the focus should be only on what the enemy might be planning, rather than fear, he said.


"If you bow to it, they won," Miller said.

"I am not particularly worried," Christina Lintz, 37, of Cumberland, Md., said.

Samantha Price, 22, of Frederick, Md., said the government seems to keep raising and lowering the alerts without anything apparently happening. She is not concerned about the latest alerts, she said.

Some residents said they have some concerns.

Asked if he was worried, Paul McNeal, 76, of Hagerstown, said, "Very much so."

"(I'm) just a little bit worried about it, sure," said Brian Diaz, 45, of Millville, W.Va. "Everybody should be. It's a reality now. It's not something that we can't think about anymore."

Eric Frantz, 50, who lives near Pittsburgh, said everybody is worried about the possibility of attacks.

But most polled said they were not worried about attacks, with several noting that worrying about terrorism won't prevent it from happening

Jesse Heare, 18, of Inwood, W.Va., was gearing up to join the Army when the terrorist attacks occurred. He decided instead to take a year off of school and save money to attend college.

"With the security they have now I'm not really worried about it. They've pretty much gotten it under control," he said.

Rachel Nichols, 49, of Mercersburg, Pa., and Shirley Stouffer, 63, of Hagerstown, said they are not worried about attacks.

Mike Paylor, 39, of Mercersburg, Pa., takes the same position.

He said the government has yet to demonstrate that the warnings are necessary.

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