Mail Call for 12-24

December 26, 2003

"I would like to thank the person who took our deer, spiral tree and all our lights around the wall, here at Christmas. You know, what goes around comes around. I hope you get coal in your stocking."

"After reading Mail Call the other day, the person complaining about students going home early. Don't you realize that if that saves one child from getting hurt or killed, it's worth it all? Thank you very much."

"I would like to thank our newspaper carrier, the Andersons. We live in Cross Creek. They are doing a great job. We just want to wish them a happy holiday season. Thanks for always putting the newspaper in the newspaper box."

"To the mother and son who were discussing what the Bush administration did to Medicare. It is Congress, lady, not the president. Furthermore, the prescription plan is supposed to help Medicare."


"According to your article in Sunday's paper on Commissioner Munson, he is alone in the minority. I don't blame him at all. These other commissioners, they sit on things. Nipps never returns your calls. If I were him, I would sit apart. I would not pay the taxpayers' money that they are having lunch every week. Are we picking up the tab on that? Come on, people of Washington County, get with it. See what these guys are doing and then maybe everyone will agree with John Munson."

"I wanted to ask the public if they heard the 9-year-old girl's plea for help for her mother who is dying of cancer. She was on WJEJ last Wednesday morning. She made 10,000 ornaments and is selling them for 50 cents each. If you can help, go to Reliable Furniture store or you can give a donation. Her wish is for her mother to get better and for the children to have a merry Christmas. Just think of this little girl who made these ornaments for her mother. They had the entire radio staff in tears."

"I see that Mr. Baker has another letter to the editor in The Daily Mail on Dec. 19. I think he is more anti-George Bush than Allan Powell and I think that is pretty bad. It's time to lighten up a little bit, John."

"Does any Mail Call reader know who prints or writes The Herald-Mail Top 10 for boys and girls basketball? I am appalled to see the Chambersburg Trojans at number five with a 4-4 record when there are teams below them that are undefeated such as Williamsport and Clear Spring. Also number seven spot is St. Maria Goretti at 4-3. These teams should also be considered instead of being number five and seven, respectively."

"I hope whoever stole my animated reindeer from my front yard, I hope you have a really, really lousy Christmas!"

"I just hope these County Commissioners don't get their wish list this year with the state delegation. I am sure that most of the people in the county and city aren't aware of it since it was published way back in the paper. But we got this transfer tax the other year, which was nothing more than a tax against the existing homeowners. That's what it amounted to. The same people who have paid property taxes for 40 or 50 years on their home and when they go to sell it, they have to give some more to the county. That was a gyp anyway. But now they want us to be part of agricultural preservation. You see they got the tax and now they want to change where the money goes. They made a big deal about the water and sewer debt being down the other week and where it is at $47 million and was $55 million. What have they done with all the money since they have had outrageous increases for the past eight or nine years? It's not right."

"I just visited Homewood Adult Day Care on Friday while their Christmas Party was under way. God's love was felt in that room as the caregivers' acts of kindness brought joy to the elderly and others in attendance. Gifts were exchanged along with hugs, kisses, laughter and happy smiles. Yes, there is a Santa Claus, and it lives in the hearts of those who bring joy to others. God bless these generous and loving caregivers at Homewood A.B.C. and Merry Christmas to all."

"This is about car tags. The law actually says 60 days to get the tags changed once you have moved into the state of Maryland. Paying car tag fees covers the cost of the highway that we are all driving around on. At least that is the theory. In any case, those of you who don't change your tags aren't paying your fair share of the fees out here to keep these roads going. The rest of us have to cover it for you. So IT IS OUR BUSINESS whether you change those tags or not."

"For Penny Nigh. We watched you on the council meeting on Channel 6. You do a great job, Penny. Keep them on their toes all the time. Let them know someone is watching them. We are all for you."

"I would like to thank my neighbor, Joe Hodges, for shoveling my sidewalk for the past two years and since I can't do it anymore, he is my snow angel."

"Does anyone know the reason why they cut down all the trees in front of Salem Avenue School? It is probably the same genius that keeps raising our property taxes."

"Here is a tip when you are making Christmas cookies. Instead of using flour when you roll the dough out, use powdered sugar. It works very well."

"Does anyone know what time Midnight Mass is on Christmas Eve?''

"Doug Walker's letter to the editor in Sunday's paper was dead on. Good job, Doug."

"I am proud of the man who held the burglar with the pipe. I read that in the paper the other day. He is a great guy."

"I live at Elizabeth Court and I want to thank Jim and Doug for doing a great job on maintenance and Kelly too when he helps filling in. Thank you."

"Did anyone find a brown leather cigarette case down around Rocky's with a red, white and blue lighter with a few cigarettes in it? If you did, call Linda at 240-420-8513. I am not worried about the cigarettes, I am only worried about the case. It is sentimental to me."

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