ABS producer says families interested in TV show

December 23, 2003

One or two families from the Hagerstown area have applied so far to be on ABC's new reality show "The Swap," but their identities are being kept under wraps for now, associate producer Stephanie Dervan said Monday.

Dervan said "The Swap" on Friday received one or two e-mails from Hagerstown-area residents who expressed an interest in being on the show.

She said their names were "confidential casting information" and would not be released for now.

"The Swap," a prime-time show in which mothers change families for 10 days, is set to air next summer.

Dervan said last week that Hagerstown was chosen as a place for show candidates because it is a "tightly knit, family-oriented community.

"The Swap" aims to show viewers how other families live their lives, whether a practice common in one family is acceptable in another, how families share chores, spending habits and other practices.


During the first five days of the swap, mothers will try to fit in with their new families by carrying out the new families' regular routines.

For the final five days, the mothers will be allowed to make changes and run the families as they see fit, Dervan said.

Dervan said "The Swap" is mainly looking for families in East Coast cities.

ABC's interest in the area drew jeers from Washington County Commissioner Doris J. Nipps and Hagerstown City Councilman Kristin Aleshire last week. Both said they wouldn't watch the show even if a local person were on it.

Nipps said she thinks reality shows are "dumb."

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