Letters to the editor

December 22, 2003

What about our own people?

To the editor:

I am very surprised at how columnists like George Will can say a 30 percent tariff on some foreign steel, not all, hurts everyone else.

It seems strange that all of a sudden George Bush and friends are so worried about foreign governments that don't like a small tariff of ours that saves American jobs.

When these same governments said no to invading Iraq, Mr. Bush told them to "get lost, we don't need your help." I don't think we need their help now, either. If they put tariffs on our imports, cut off their foreign-aid packages. I believe that will change their outlook somewhat.


Our government seems to worry a little too much about Iraqi, British and French citizens and not enough about their own.

Roger T. Harris

Thanks for showing the light

To the editor:

The Quincy Village Retirement Community recently was blessed with a still and dry winter's evening for our luminary night. The event couldn't have happened without the generous support of the following groups and individuals:

Sentry Trust employees, who caroled along with many of our Quincy employees. We'd also like thank Sentry Trust for their donation of the luminary candles. The Christ United Methodist Church's Waynesboro members who portrayed the Nativity, complete with moving music and props, for our Colestock Center residents and Rev. Jay Zimmerman, who coordinated this wonderful display.

Your willingness to bring the reason for the season literally to our front porch made the evening special for the nursing and personal care residents.

Thanks to the Calvary United Methodist Church's Fayetteville members who portrayed the nativity in front of Minnich Manor and all of Quincy's friends and families who made gifts in honor or memory of loved ones. And finally, a tremendous thank you to luminary organizer and employee Tom King, the Quincy maintenance staff and Quincy Villagers.

Together you made the night a beautiful success! Thank you.

Dianna C. Heim
Director of Development
Quincy Village, Pa.

Dogs deserve better than abandonment

To the editor:

On either the dark night of Nov. 11 or early Nov. 12 some uncaring person dropped off a dog on Kemp's Mill Road.

We have had other dogs abandoned on this road, two of which were adopted. One of them, Mollie, was one of the best dogs we ever had. She remained at the exact spot where she was left alone, helpless and scared, for three days before I returned from a weekend away and rescued her.

We were unable to take the above-mentioned dog as we have our full quota.

A kind-hearted neighbor took the recent castaway to the Humane Society. No dog deserves this and no caring person would be the perpetrator of such a despicable act.

Elise Honoshowsky

Folks who helped at local hospital were very kind

To the editor:

While traveling by tour bus through your city I experienced a slight accident which required hospital care. On the night of Nov. 13 at 10 p.m., I checked into Washington County Hospital out-patient department. I was given excellent treatment by the doctor and nurses on duty.

Also having trouble obtaining a taxi cab, at that time of night, the nurse, who was going off duty, was kind enough to drive my wife and I back to our motel.

This letter is therefore simply to express our gratitude and appreciation to the staff of Washington County Hospital.

Lloyd and Anne Mitchell
Truro, N.S., Canada

Our president is a man of faith

To the editor:

As I watched the television broadcast of Diane Sawyer's interview of President Bush, what struck me the most was not any of his policies, proposals or past performance as president.

Instead, I was most impressed and inspired by his faith in God and his love and commitment to his wife and family, which influences all that he does and is, and transcends everything else about him.

This faith, love and commitment empowers our president and our nation with purpose and power, as well as providing a profound personal example for all of us, his fellow citizens.

Larry D. Kump
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Thanks so much

To the editor:

Please accept the sincere thanks of the board of directors and clients of CCAP/Loaves and Fishes. With a huge amount of food given by individuals, churches, organizations, clubs and businesses, we were able to provide 300 food baskets for local families' Thanksgiving Day meal. We appreciate the response to our appeal for food, since our cupboards were bare. You have been most generous.

Even as we were dispensing food on Saturday, the door opened, and in came the "Brownie Scouts" with their leaders, each with bags of food and big smiles. We are so blessed in this community to have loving and caring citizens who care for others.

Please continue to remember CCAP/Loaves and Fishes when you shop. Make it a habit to bring an extra can or two of food each shopping trip. Put the extras in a separate bag. Take it to your church for the CCAP drive, or bring it to us at the pantry. We are facing a long cold winter, and our clients many times must make a choice between food, fuel or medicine.

Again, sincere thanks. "God bless you, every one."

Doris Roberts Hughes, Publicity officer
CCAP/Loaves and Fishes
Martinsburg, W.Va.

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