Mail Call

December 18, 2003|by

"So the CEO of the Washington County Hospital makes over $300,000 a year. For what? To sit behind a desk and he wants to build a new one and spend about $200 million. Why doesn't he try to find a way to staff the hospital we have so that the nurses don't have nine or 10 patients apiece? This is just not safe for the patients."

"Does anyone know where I can find any SpongeBob SquarePants stuffed animals? I would like to get one for my son for Christmas and I can't seem to find them anywhere. Please help."

"The editorial by Dan Kauffman about HCC basketball was very provoking. I was always taught that if you don't know what you are talking about, don't talk. We have a new coach, new AD and they are building a program that we can be proud of. If good local boys can qualify for the team, they will play. When you build a team in any sport, you build to win. If you win, you draw support and fans. If you lose, who cares? We are 9-0 and going strong and maybe next year we will make a run for number one in the nation. Of course, if Mr. Local Man Dan Kauffman qualifies for the team."


"I want to say thanks to all the volunteers that did the Sheetz family Christmas. They did a wonderful job. My four kids went and had a great time. Everyone there was extremely nice. Thanks to the Sheetz family and all their volunteers."

"Saddam has been captured. Why, oh why, wasn't every church in Hagerstown ringing its bells in victory and thanking God and our government, our precious men and women who have served overseas during this war, to give them thanks and to declare victory? There is a lot more to this war but the good thing is that we have captured Saddam."

"The president says that Saddam will now receive the justice he denied his people. Truthfully, it was the American government that denied the Iraqi people their freedom when we overthrew their government twice and put the Baathist party into power, which, in the end, brought Saddam into power. United States' hands are covered with blood once again. Think about this before you vote again."

"I want to tell everyone about the beautiful display of lights and decorations in the Byron Memorial Park. It is a sight to behold. Don't miss the chance to take your children to see it. The pictures in the paper didn't show the real beauty. You have to come see for yourself. Thanks Williamsport for a job well-done."

"I can't believe that the school board only had a two-hour delay instead of the day off. Everything is so icy you can't even walk. They like this two-hour delay because they don't have to make up the two-hour delays but have to make up a day off."

"To the lady who said she had two bags of teddy bears and asked if anyone would like to have them. I collect teddy bears all year long and, at Christmas time, I take them to an organization. I would like to get in touch with you but I don't want to put my number in the paper. How can I contact you or get together with you to get the teddy bears?"

"Does anyone in the Hagerstown or Martinsburg area have a remote control dinosaur on sale? I would like to have one for Christmas."

"The Santa House located at 5616 Sharpsburg Pike has added a mailbox for children to drop their letters to Santa Claus this year."

"The Ladies Auxiliary of Post 236 of the Sharpsburg American Legion did a wonderful job for the senior citizens dinner that they hosted last Sunday at the Potomac Valley firehall. We loved Santa Claus and his helpers, too."

"This past Saturday I would like to congratulate Kmart and the Sheetz company that brought in I don't know how many buses but there were about 140 children there. They gave them special deals on toys and other things they wanted. I think that Kmart deserves a lot of the credit."

"I am calling for anyone interested in jigsaw puzzles. I have quite a few, two or three dozen. I have only put them together once. If you are interested, call me at 301-842-3029."

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