Letters to the editor

December 18, 2003

Washington County's poor planning

To the editor:

The government of Washington County is intent upon building a major roadway through the Partridge Trail/Greenhill Drive area to bypass the northern end of Robinwood Drive where it connects with Jefferson Boulevard.

This roadway will pass within 50 feet of the Covenant Presbyterian Church in its secluded location on Greenhill. During a widely publicized contest between the affected community and the county in 1998, this same roadway was solidly opposed by the church leaders and membership. Something has changed the view of the church since them, or has it?

While trying to secure rights to transfer some church property, it was discovered that the county had reneged on its decision in 1998 to abort its efforts regarding the proposed roadway called Alternate-B. In the same manner as it had previously done, the county withheld from the public its intent to continue planning the road, and the truth had to be uncovered by chance. They intend to construct this ill-advised rerouting through woodland and residential yards to abruptly end at Jefferson Boulevard.


It is more than a curiosity as to the change in attitude of the congregation of Covenant. They now favor serious consideration of a highway in their backyard? And they are unaware of the resulting character change to their neighborhood?

The county has had five years to find an alternate solution to the Robinwood Alignment as promised in 1998. And it has put off the decision until "there is no other solution" from their standpoint. Or was there never an intention to work out anything different? This is probably the truth.

The county would never risk forcing the church to accept its plan. Whether the roadway is ever built hinges on the decision of the membership of Covenant Presbyterian Church. It is in their hands.

Ned A. Garrett

Cartoon was not funny

To the editor:

I found the "cartoon" in the Sunday Dec. 14 Herald-Mail attempting to portray State Rep. Patrick E. Fleagle as some kind of a buffoon not only offensive, but in extremely bad taste.

Rep. Fleagle is a hard-working, responsible member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature, and has done much good not only for the citizens in the 90th district, but for all Pennsylvanians.

I think it was irresponsible for a newspaper of your status to publish this tripe, and I would think an apology to Rep. Fleagle would definitely be in order.

The individual responsible for producing this bit of questionable "artwork" is probably a churlish boor, with an I.Q. somewhere in the neighborhood of today's ambient temperature. It's obvious he knows nothing of Representative Fleagles record or character.

D. Richmond
Chambersburg Pa

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