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December 17, 2003|by William Barton

Greater Hagerstown Committee backs hospital's Robinwood plan

To the editor:

The Greater Hagerstown Committee, Inc. has approved for release the attached public statement concerning a new regional medical center for our community. As you will see, the statement supports the building of a new facility at the Robinwood site. In GHC's 17 years, this marks only the fifth public statement released.

Needless to say, GHC only comments publicly on those issues deemed most important for the good of the community.

The attached statement was, in fact, approved by our membership two months ago. We have withheld release in the hope that the Mayor and Council of the City of Hagerstown would have fully supported this endeavor. That support has not occurred; therefore we are releasing our statement to The Herald-Mail for release to the public.

In releasing our statement, we sincerely hope that the Mayor and Council of the City of Hagerstown will join the business community, an overwhelming number of community citizens (overwhelming is based on our own informal surveys of citizens), the County Commissioners of Washington County and the Washington County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly in supporting this project.


William Barton, Chairman
Greater Hagerstown Committee

The Greater Hagerstown Committee, Inc.

Public statement concerning a replacement medical center

The Greater Hagerstown Committee has reviewed the proposal made by the Washington County Health System concerning the building of a replacement medical center for our community to be located near the current Robinwood Medical Campus. Based on this review it is the opinion of GHC that:

  • The current hospital location and the current hospital facility will not meet evolving healthcare quality and safety needs.

  • The replacement center will align services that frequently interact, in closer proximity to one another.

  • The replacement center will expand the emergency department from 28 to 53 bays.

  • The current hospital facility does not meet changing patient needs nor family centered care.

  • The replacement center will offer all single rooms allowing more flexibility in patient care.

  • The replacement center's design will include safety and security infrastructure features that cannot be duplicated at the current facility.

  • The process for the site location of the replacement facility considered all economic and efficiency issues including disruption of service and correctly recommends a replacement facility at the selected Robinwood site versus renovation of the current hospital facility.

Therefore, it is the position of The Greater Hagerstown Committee that building a replacement medical center at the selected site near the current Robinwood Medical Campus is in the best interest of the community. GHC recommends that all public and private sector organizations support this project.

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