Children treated to shopping spree

December 15, 2003|by TARA REILLY

Marilyn Radatz spent most of her 45 minutes in the baby doll aisle at Target on Saturday morning.

Radatz, a Hagerstown Jaycees member, was chaperone to an elementary-aged girl, Victoria, who pondered whether she wanted "Bratz" dolls, a "Rock-a-Bye" doll or toy baby clothing to put on the Rock-a-Bye.

Earlier, a boy revealed his excitement as he spotted a "Yu-Gi-Oh!" game.

"I love Yu-Gi-Oh! I love Yu-Gi-Oh!," the boy said as he jumped up and down while holding the box.

Twenty-four children went on a 45-minute shopping spree at Target, near Valley Mall, sponsored by the Hagerstown Jaycees.

Steve Sounders, sports and social director for the Jaycees, said seven other children who couldn't attend were having items bought for them.

Each child was allowed to spend $50 plus tax on items of their choice.

The Jaycees raised the money throughout the year and also received donations from businesses.

The children were recommended through the Salvation Army and Citizens Assisting and Sheltering the Abused Inc. (CASA), Sounders said.


Sounders said the kids were "jumping up and down," in excitement over the shopping spree.

Some children brought prepared lists of the items they wanted and others were hoping to pick out toys for their brothers or sisters, Sounders said.

"I think the hardest part is trying to figure out what we want," Radatz said. "It's quite an experience. It's lots of fun, though."

Children and chaperones stopped at price scanner stations in the store to tally up their items - making sure the total didn't exceed $50.

Chaperone Don Jacot said the shopping spree went well for him and the child he was supervising.

"We're getting everything our little guy wanted," Jacot said.

The boy, Corey, picked out a game called "Mancala" for his mother.

"The game is really, really, really old," Corey said to Jacot. "It's even older than you."

Jacot said Corey had his items picked out in about 40 minutes.

"He'd get stuff and then he'd trade it with something else," Jacot said.

After the shopping spree, Target provided hot chocolate and cookies for the children. The Jaycees also planned to take the kids to Outback Steakhouse for a tour and lunch.

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