Mail call

December 11, 2003|by

"Did anyone find two ceramic angels near the Blue Entrance to the pharmacy at Robinwood Medical Center? Please call 301-739-8176. They are not valuable, but I bought them for a Christmas gift. They would have been in the grass inside the curb in one of the first parking spaces across from the pharmacy. I would appreciate hearing from someone."

"Way to go, once again, Penny Nigh. You're right on track. You support our beliefs in regard to the Fairgrounds. Many of us wanted an amphitheater put there instead of all these sports, sports, sports and more sports concepts. You go girl. You're going to be mayor sooner or later."

"I've been reading in the paper about these manufacturers exporting our jobs to foreign countries and I was watching the news a little bit ago and they're exporting our jobs and importing sports figures. There's something wrong with this picture. What's the answer here? Why can't somebody do something about this? Where's our politicians?"


"About this snow removal. I know they have to put it somewhere. I live on a street off of West Oak Ridge on a corner lot. Last year, they tore up about a foot of our land and this time they did the same thing. I think they could at least be a little more respectful of the people's property that they put the snow on."

"I'm calling about a sales person named Cheryl at Super Wal-Mart. She is just great. I was feeling sick in the store today. She went out of her way; she went through the check out line for me, got me a coat and even helped me to the car and loaded up the packages. I really think that if everybody would act like Cheryl did, it would be a much better world."

"Once again, liberal Bob Maginnis has gone after Penny Nigh for trying to take care of her employees. Isn't it sad that Mr. Maginnis forgets that these are first-time council people, and the mess was made by the previous council, such as Metzner and Breichner. Get on board, Mr. Maginnis. Get real. Get a life."

"This is for Buddy. Maybe you ought to do a bit of history searching also. If you recall, it was George Bush who sent in troops on the day of Clinton's inauguration - into Bosnia - or into Somalia. And as far as Bosnia, that was the United Nations effort totally, along with the United States. It wasn't the United States alone trying to tear up another country."

"I'm a Democrat, and I agree with you people who say Bill Clinton was a great president. He was a great president if you consider that he gave most of the world away except the real, true Americans. He appeased everybody, except the people he should have been appeasing. He let people come into this country and run all over the place. He's part of the reason that we have things like we have under George Bush because it was already there when Bush took over. So, for those of you who think he was so great, I guess he was if you look at him appeasing everybody except the true Americans."

"I was just wondering here, about three weeks ago I got a telephone book from the phone company. Now, down in my hallway - and I live in Oak Ridge Apartments - everybody has got another telephone book. That's two telephone books. It isn't any wonder that your telephone bill is so darn high."

"I just wanted to say the people who lived on North Avenue that had the fire here the other week - how do they go about replacing everything, like people to help them get furniture and all?"

"Hello. I was shopping at Wal-Mart Saturday evening, Dec. 6. I found a ladies' wallet in the shopping cart. I turned it in to the customer service, so if somebody who was there lost their wallet, just check and identify it at customer service at Wal-Mart."

"I just want to make a comment on the new weather map that's in the newspaper. I think it's wonderful. I enjoyed looking at it and reading it and there's so much more information now than there used to be. I want to say thank you for the new weather map."

"Yes, I'm a newspaper delivery person and I have a few customers that would like to have their newspapers inside their door. But I would like to tell my customers to please clear your sidewalks and in front of your door if you have ice and snow there because we have several people this weekend who did not clear their sidewalks or in front of their house and we are not going to be able to put it in the door if we're going to have to fall down in order to do it."

"The movie 'Blackhawk Down' was about the Marines in Somalia, that's in Africa, not Bosnia. And it was President Bush the first along with his loyal staff of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld among others, who got us into Somalia. Bill Clinton had to clean up George Bush's mess and, unfortunately, it went wrong. George Bush the second is a horrible president who has gotten more Americans killed than any president since Richard Nixon, except maybe Ronald Reagan. Let's thank George Bush, but let's get our facts right, or don't bother voting."

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