Mail Call

December 10, 2003

"Great job to Devon Ford of Smithsburg Middle School in the second time making the honor roll. We are very proud of you. We love you, love mom and maw maw. Keep up the good work."

"I am voting on this move of the hospital to Robinwood Medical Center, I am in favor of it moving there."

"Someone asked about vehicle donation. Star Community doesn't accept vehicles per se, but we are in need of vans or box trucks. If someone is interested in donating, call Kelly at 301-791-0011."

"Thanks to the caller who said, 'there is a big difference between diversity and perversity' how very true. Thanks Mr. Mayor on your comments, but I am disappointed that you find it necessary to apologize to the protesters. To those persons, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do, or do they."


"This is a time of year where I think you should remember your mail carriers and paper carriers. This is when you should show your appreciation for all the hard work they do. They do hard work all year long and are usually not shown appreciation."

"If the State of Maryland is in such bad shape and out of money, can't afford this and can't afford that, then how can they buy $55 million worth of voting machines? What was wrong with blackening in the arrow and voting the way we have been for years."

"Someone called in and wanted to know where you can donate an automobile. The Union Rescue Mission, their number is 301-739-1165, I donated a car to them too. Also the Arthritis Foundation will take automobiles, call them at 1-800-905-4931."

- Hagerstown

"I am reading Mail Call and someone mentioned about how to get a gift to the mail carrier. We put one out every year and we put the mail carriers name on it and whoever picks it up, will take it to him. He always came back and told us he received it, even if he wasn't on the route that day."

"I wanted to thank Jimmy Russell for plowing the parking spaces and our sidewalks. He not only done it for us, but done it for other family members and elderly people. Thank you and we love you."

"I am calling to find out if anyone knows of any organizations that are helping kids with winter coats and Christmas baskets? If you know, please leave it in Mail Call."

"When you go into beauty salons, why do they charge so much for haircuts or just a wash and set? Is it because people aren't getting perms like they used to? I know supplies are high, but come on. You can't even go get a haircut without paying $25."

"Thanks to Ed Kline for plowing about five driveways on Saturday after the snow storm."

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