Letters to the editor

December 10, 2003

Who is really 'vulnerable?'

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Allan Powell's letter in which he lambasted Republicans and "compassionate conservatives" over the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. Powell asserts in a typically distortion-filled liberal rant that Republicans and conservatives lack compassion for "vulnerable women," while showing too much compassion for "those who do not need it" and the "already overprivileged" because, he wrongly states, the bill "had no provision for the health of the mother."

The law specifically states that it "does not apply to a partial-birth abortion that is necessary to save the life of a mother whose life is endangered by a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself." I must question why Powell, a former college professor, would erroneously state otherwise.

Was he uninformed, misinformed, or did the facts simply not fit with his liberal agenda?


To further his Democrat (good) vs. Republican (bad) comparison, Powell points out that this bill was twice-vetoed by a Democratic president (Clinton). But don't fall for the idea that this bill was only supported by Republicans - 16 Democrats in the Senate and 63 in the House agreed that partial-birth abortion is "a gruesome and inhumane procedure" and helped this bill pass by an overwhelming margin.

The fact is that partial-birth abortion (PBA) is almost never a mother's health issue.

No, this bill doesn't allow a woman to say, "having this baby might give me mental stress," thus allowing the PBA to be performed for reasons of her mental health. Does that make the potentially-stressed mother more "vulnerable" than the truly helpless unborn baby Powell apparently feels is "already overprivileged"?

Steve Bell

Life was fair sentence

To the editor:

R. Charles Hull, a grocery store owner at the corner of Wilson Avenue and Pope Avenue, was shot and killed during an armed robbery at his store on March 15, 1975. The man convicted of this crime was on work release and weekend passes from Maryland Correctional Training Center for another armed robbery when he committed this murder. Isaac Newton Johnson was tried, convicted and given life in prison.

Anyone convicted of a crime has one opportunity to appeal his verdict if there were any mistakes made by the judge or prosecution during his trial. Johnson has waited all this time to make that appeal.

If on Dec. 12 the Circuit Court judge finds mistakes were made in Johnson's case, he can grant him a new trial or lesser sentence. If a new trial is granted, the prosecution would probably drop the case because the people involved in the case are either deceased or have moved away.

Johnson has spent the last 27 years in prison for armed robbery and murder. Some would say that he should be given a second chance, but for the family of Charley Hull, anything less than life would not be justice.

Peter W. Hull

Christmas help

To the editor:

Community Christmas Helping Hands is a group of people trying to raise money to buy food and toys for the needy in this area.

We receive nothing for this but the joy of the hard work of the job.

We are a group of people who love to help other people who are in a needy condition at times.

It's a very hard job to get the money raised. We must have it soon in order to have 500 food baskets and 500 children's toys ready to give out on Dec. 16.

We will do more of each if the funding comes in.

We have done this for nine years, we have the storage space and the workers but not the funding. And each year the funding comes from the businesses and people in the community.

Last year at Christmas we were able to feed 4,800 people and gave 475 children new toys, all in one day. It all came from local donations given out at the Guiding Light Gospel Church building.

We will be very thankful with whatever you can donate to us - food or toys. Please write checks out to Community Christmas Helping Hands G.L.G.C. The sooner we get your cash donations the more we can buy with it, because the closer to the holidays the more the food and toys cost.

So please, won't you help us to help others now? We will mail you a tax receipt. Please call 1-540-662-1028 or 1-540-858-3284.

Elizabeth K. Frye

Peddler of hate

To the editor:

It is amazing that Doctor Powell gets an audience in The Herald-Mail whenever he wants, and without any word restrictions. So, being my last response was not deemed worthy of printing, perhaps this may get by the censors of truth.

In the letter "Separation isn't silly," Dec. 7, it is my opinion Powell again caters to the ignorant to peddle his hate of Christianity through deception. The deception being interchanging word definitions along with falsifying and/or ignoring the contexts of historical facts, documents and science.

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