Man charged with assault on officer

December 07, 2003|by JULIE E. GREENE

A Hagerstown man was charged Saturday with assaulting a Hagerstown police officer after police tried to help the man, who appeared to be an assault victim, Hagerstown Police Sgt. Johnny Murray said.

Police went to 220 S. Locust St. to respond to a report of a man down at 7:11 p.m. and found a large amount of blood in the hallway of an apartment complex at 222 S. Locust St., Murray said. He said 220-222 S. Locust St. is a duplex house that contains apartments.

Police followed the trail of blood next door to the other side of the duplex at 220 S. Locust St. and found a man bleeding from the nose who appeared to have been assaulted, Murray said.

The man was uncooperative and slammed a door shut so that Officer Jason Batistig's arm went through the glass window of the entry door, Murray said.


Batistig was OK, Murray said.

Batistig went to Washington County Hospital, but only to accompany Terry Duane Reese, who was treated at the hospital and later released, Murray said.

Reese, 43, of 220 S. Locust St., Apt. 2, also was charged with obstructing and hindering, Murray said.

After Batistig's arm went through the glass, Murray sprayed Reese with pepper spray so he could arrest him, he said.

Reese had been injured during an altercation with a neighbor, who was defending himself when he swung at Reese, Murray said.

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