Boys Basketball Capsules

December 06, 2003

Frederick County

Brunswick Railroaders

Coach: Jim Sklencar, 22nd year

Last year: 14-8, lost to Poolesville in 1A South semifinals

Returning starters: Jason Anderson, Sr., F.

Remainder of roster: Chad Baker, Sr., C; Craig Wachter, Sr., G; Cody Hickerson, Sr., G; Phil Whims, Sr., G; Brandon Thompson, Sr., G; Trey Banks, Sr., F; Brent Paugh, Sr., C; Billy Bernard, Jr., G; Joel Hafner, Jr., G; Marcus Johnson Jr., G; Jason Wigfield, Jr., C.

Sklencar's outlook: "We lost a lot of points and rebounds from last year's team. The guys that were role players last year will be our leaders this year. We have an extremely difficult schedule, but we hope to be competitive."


Catoctin Cougars

Coach: Ryan Oman, 2nd year

Last year: 0-22, lost to W.E.B. Dubois in first round of 1A South region

Returning starters: Dennis Hill, Sr., G; K.C. Simmel, Sr., F.

Remainder of roster: Kyle Heyser, Jr., C; John Tumulty, Jr., G; Billy Malone, Jr., G; Adam Crone, Jr., F; Ian Cuddahee, Jr., G; Mike Clarke, Jr., G; James Robinson, Jr., F; Noah Rubeling-Kain, Jr., F; Derrick Thompson, Jr.,G; Ben Rose, So., G.

Oman's outlook: "We don't have much size in our lineup, so we'll have to mix up our defense as much as possible. Not having a lot of experienced players back will hurt us, so we will need some leaders to step up. The defense will be key. It will dictate how the offense flows."

Frederick Cadets

Coach: Derek Shackelford, 6th year

Last year: 17-8, lost to Glen Burnie in 4A East semifinals

Returning starters: Robbie Davis, Sr., F; Craig McIntyre, Sr., G; Bradley Wiley, Sr., G.

Remainder of roster: Andrew Gibson, Sr., F; Chris Murphy, Sr., F; Jai Rathod, Sr., F; Kyle Shade, Sr., F; D.J. Blumenthal, Sr., G; Clark Geneawu, Sr., F; Anthony Blackwood, Jr., G; Donnell Brown, Jr., G; Paul Smith, Jr, G; Quentin Beard, Jr., F; Mickey Davis, Jr., F.

Shackelford's outlook: "I have a positive outlook for the team. We will work hard, be in condition, and be ready to play. I like the makeup of our team and we are enthused to play."

Middletown Knights

Coach: Jon Jarrett, 4th year

Last year: 17-5, loss to Howard in 2A West quarterfinals

Returning starters: John Keimig, Sr., G.

Remainder of roster: Kyle Lear, Sr., F; Matt Carter, Sr., G; Jeff Willis, Sr., F; Ryan Comstock, Sr., F; Ben Martin, Sr., F; Jonathan Hall, Jr., F; Chris Riggin, Jr., G; Zach Miss, Jr., G; William Sovitsky, Jr., F; Joe Keimig, Jr., G; Patrick Carney, So., F.

Jarrett's outlook: "Hopefully we can be right at the top of the Piedmont Conference. The 2A West region looks pretty tough with South High, North High and Walkersville, and hopefully we can play well enough to compete with them. John Keimig is only 90 points away from 1,000 points for his career, so we'll look to him to carry the scoring load and be our main leader."

St. John's at PH Vikings

Coach: Bruce Kelley, 6th year

Last year: 19-11, no playoffs

Returning starters: Jared Lyons, Sr., G; Corey Dorsey, Jr., F; Tanner Ellis, Jr., F.

Reamainder of roster: Al Sowers, Sr., G; Sam Senz, Jr., C; Gonzalo Aparicio, Jr., G; Sean Brennan, Jr., C; Sami Badowi, Jr., C; Matt Brown, Jr., G; Joe Potucek, Jr., F.

Kelley's outlook: "I expect us to be very good. Jared Lyons has been a three-year starter for us and Al Sowers, who transferred from Urbana, is a very good player. Our seniors should lead us in the backcourt and all of our juniors have a lot of playing experience. The only variable this year is we are going to be playing in the MIAA A Conference, so we'll have some tough competition. I can't wait."

Thomas Johnson Patriots

Coach: Tim Abercrombie, 1st year

Last year: 23-1, lost to Glen Burnie in 4A East final

Returning starters: Drew Gaeng, Sr., G.

Remainder of team: Colby Jackson, Sr., G; Dan Pierson, Sr., F; Matt Fast, Sr., C; Craig Chilton, Sr., C; Andre Fisher, Sr., F; Chad Warren, Sr., F; Gladimir Elysee, Sr., G; Jair Brady, Jr., F; John Truxillo, Jr., G/F; Tim Abercrombie, Jr., G; Ray Whiten, Jr., G; Clinton Jones, Jr., F; Josh Alderson, Jr., C; Wardell Roberts, Jr., F; Ben Hose, Jr., G.

Abercrombie's outlook: "We lack some experience as far as playing time is concerned. Most of the guys got spot playing time last season but have not seen consistent time on the court. We will need to mesh our seniors in with the guys coming up from JV and, hopefully, as the season wears on the team will get better. The defense will need to play well to help create easy baskets for the offense."

Walkersville Lions

Coach: Bruce Zimmerman, 2nd year

Last year: 11-13, lost to Fort Hill in 2A West quarterfinals

Returning starters: Brock McCollum, Sr., C; Dave Berry, Jr., G; Chris Hannigan, Jr., F.

Remainder of team: Hunter Tuck, Sr., G; Richie Gilbert, Sr., F; Greg Mason, Sr., G; Chris Chiaravalotti, Sr., G; Luther Weedon, Jr., G; Tyler Redick, Jr., G; Shaynon Thompson, Jr., G; Brandon Geppert, Jr., F; Alex Edgley, Jr., C; Naquan Brown, Jr., F.

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