Letters to the editor

December 03, 2003

'Outsiders' aren't the fort's problem

To the editor:

There has been much published controversy in the recent press about the "dysfunctional" PenMar Development Corporation, with many of the negative comments directed toward anonymous but newer members of the PMDC board.

Some of that published criticism implied that the perceived dysfunction was a consequence of having appointed new members to that board from outside Washington County, e.g., from either Pennsylvania or from Frederick County.

Among those published comments were some that went so far as to state that any future actions with PMDC, and any newly appointed members to that group, should be only from Washington County - the implication being that the former Fort Ritchie is a Washington County asset only, to be managed exclusively by Washington County, and that whatever happened (or didn't happen) at Fort Ritchie was of no concern to people from either Pennsylvania or Frederick County.


The track record of the PMDC in its original form, with no representation from the local communities most directly affected by the closure of Fort Ritchie, has not been impressive. To date, any apparent forward movement appears to be stalled, with continuing allegations as to where blame should be levied. It is obviously time to get new and innovative thinking within the PMDC, and to, hopefully, show some progress in achieving PMDC's stated goal of redeveloping Fort Ritchie.

The One Mountain Foundation was organized some two years ago, by a group of individuals whose primary interest was - and is - to improve life for all those residents who live in this mountain area, which happens to comprise, not just Washington County, but two separate counties in Maryland and two counties in Pennsylvania. Each of those four jurisdictions was affected by the closure of Fort Ritchie - just as any redevelopment of Fort Ritchie will affect them all.

The One Mountain Foundation, along with other groups, has worked with the PMDC to include representation from the local communities on the PMDC board. That effort should continue.

The One Mountain Foundation supports the PMDC, however they are organized. In particular, we support it as it is presently organized, with representation from the affected local communities. We will continue to work with the PMDC to redevelop Fort Ritchie and restore jobs and business to the local communities.

Robert S. Davis
One Mountain Foundation

Elected deadbeats just asking for more each and every year

To the editor:

With elections, it is time to reflect on just what did these people do to further your quality of life.

Every one of them start promising that they will give us the world with a fence around it. Then when push comes to shove, we get, if we are lucky, a nail in that fence. But behind closed doors they vote themselves a raise, "because they need to live in the vicinity of their capital," whether state or national. We did not ask them to live there and with computers today they can even vote from home.

If we ask them to give back their raises and put it to something worthwhile, we had better get an army of ambulances to pick them up for the morgue.

When we learn that all these people want is prestige for themselves and nothing less, this goes from the top of government to the bottom, then and only then will we fix Washington.

Remember, it takes money to run for office and a lot of it. That in itself should tell us something. Money is the name of the game, and travel, parties and the good times. And we pay for it.

The Washington group is the biggest and most inconsiderate bunch of politicians in this great country of ours. They don't have to worry about making ends meet, paying insurance, buying gas to go to work (we pay it for them), about getting Social Security (they don't even pay into the fund) and their retirements are more than you or I could every hope to earn in a lifetime of hard work.

You say, but they are working for us and need to be paid. Really, what turnip truck did you fall from? We are their bosses and we need to make them more accountable for the monies they spend and the raises they give themselves.

Most of them, if they worked for any employer other than the citizens of this great U.S.A., would not have had a raise since they were sworn into office.

Remember these same deadbeats are again asking us to vote for them. Ask yourself before you vote, "What has this person done for me and my family since in office? And for the new ones, what will they do to improve our quality of life?"

Remember also, that they are looking at the retirement benefits first and foremost. Just think, what they receive in one year as a retiree would feed, clothe, provide a home and a good life for most of us for one year. with some to spare.

Nancy Dye
Martinsburg, W.Va.

Thanks for story about bus riders

To the editor:

Thank you, Herald-Mail, for printing the story about the bus riders in your Oct. 19 edition. You told how important the bus transportation system is for the riders in Hagerstown.

Due to the property owners at the Square, and West Washington Street, the boarding location keeps getting moved around; not to the convenience of the riders. From what I read in the paper I am concerned as to whether the new option to board at the parking lot will be safe. It would be located close to where I read about crime in the city.

Some handicapped people wrote in to describe their condition. Well, I think the seniors will also be handicapped if not given a safe place to board.

F.D. Miles

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