Kendall proposes historical park

December 02, 2003|by SCOTT BUTKI

BOONSBORO - At Monday's Boonsboro Town Council meeting, Town Manager John Kendall presented a proposal to establish what he suggested be called Boonsboro Historical Park in part of the town.

Markers at the proposed park would explain the historic significance of the area, he said.

The approximately two acres of property in question is near Knode Circle along Alt. U.S. 40, Kendall said.

The council took no immediate action on the proposal involving town-owned land.

Councilman Kevin Chambers said he wanted to get feedback from local residents, especially those living near the property in question, before taking a vote on the idea.

The proposal would not cost the city any money because it is on land owned by the town, Kendall said.

Standing on the property, you can see Washington Monument, he said. There would be a marker on the site explaining the monument's significance, he said.


Another marker would explain the role that property in the area played during the Civil War, he said.

Yet another marker could explain the significance of Alt. 40, he said.

While some would look at the markers and then drive on, others hopefully would venture into town to find out more information, he said.

The proposal fits with local residents' pride of the area's history, as well as with suggestions by a consultant, paid to help the town revitalize the downtown, that the town emphasize the area's significance, he said.

The markers would be provided at no cost to the government, he said.

"The idea struck me as kind of neat," Kendall said.

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