Washington County Basketball Capsules

November 29, 2003|by JACK HILL III


Boonsboro Warriors

Coach: Sam Connelly (1st year)

2002-03: 13-10

Playoffs: Lost to Smithsburg in Md. Class 1A West quarterfinals.

Returning Starters (1): Kyle Davis, Sr., C, 6-5.

Remainder Of Roster: Rob Barnhart, Sr., G, 5-10; Kellen Seligman, Sr., G, 5-8; Corey Shea, Sr., G, 5-8; Matt Thomas, Sr., G, 5-9; Travis Johnson, Jr., G, 5-10; Jimmy Griffin, Jr., G, 6-0; David Stout, Jr., F, 6-2; Josh Lum, Sr., F, 6-3; Brad Wetzel, Sr., F, 6-3; Sean Gregg, Sr., F, 6-2; Ryan Moore, Jr., F, 6-2.

Connelly's Outlook: "We have a lot of new faces. I believe that we will be competitive and successful once the guys get to know each other and play together as a team. We have 12 guys who played at four different schools last year. I really like this group of kids."

Broadfording Lions

Coach: Paddy Mowen (1st year)

2002-03: 35-12

Playoffs: Won ACSI Maryland and Regional tournaments.

Returning Starters: None.

Remainder Of Roster: Brandon Royce, Sr., F, 6-4; Tyler Gearhart, Sr., F-C, 6-4; Joe Yeager, Sr., F, 6-2; Alan Myers, Jr., C, 6-5; John Lytle, Jr., G, 6-0; Tyler Duffey, Jr., G, 5-6; Josh Bishop, Jr., G-F, 6-0; Eric Ahalt, So., G, 5-7; Zach Hirsch, So., G, 5-10; Jon McConnell, So., G, 5-8.

Mowen's Outlook: "I think we are going to be a team that is going to be very competitive. Through discipline and hard work, I feel we will have a successful season. I am looking forward to working with these young men. I feel the future is going to be very bright."

Clear Spring Blazers

Coach: Don Harnish (3rd season)

2002-03: 10-13

Playoffs: Lost to South Hagerstown in Md. Class 1A West quarterfinals.

Returning Starters (4): Cody Beard, Sr., G, 5-11; Mike Snyder, Sr., F, 6-1; Alex Tyler, Jr., C, 6-6; Zeb Jacobs, Sr., G, 5-10.

Remainder Of Roster: Phil Saloom, Sr., G, 5-11; Josh Schrimsher, Sr., G, 5-9; Brad Turner, Sr., F, 6-1; Bryce Sigler, Jr., C, 6-4; Brandon Yost, Sr., F, 6-2; Andrew Michael, Sr., G, 6-0; Darrin Jackson, Jr., G, 6-0; Steve Ridenour, Jr., G, 5-10.

Harnish's Outlook: "I am optimistic about the upcoming season. We have some size and some talent. I believe we can be competitive, but we'll need to work hard and pull together as a team in order to improve from last season."

Grace Academy Knights

Coach: John Hill (2nd season)

2002-03: 10-13

Playoffs: Lost to Heritage Academy in MDCC Tournament quarterfinals.

Returning Starters (1): Darren Sweeney, Sr., F, 5-11.

Remainder Of Roster: Chris Brunner, Sr., G, 5-9; Jack Sharkey, Sr., C, 6-0; Adam Golden, Sr., F, 5-11; Dalen Carlson, Jr., G, 5-8; A.J. Serafini, Jr., F, 5-10; David Harcastle, Jr., F, 5-11; James Horochowski, So., G, 5-8; John McNamee, So., F-C, 6-1; Jacob Reese, Fr., F, 5-9; Zach Koontz, Fr., F, 5-9; Tim Carver, Fr., G, 5-6.

Hill's Outlook: "I think we should have a good solid team. Any time you lose five seniors, it leaves a pretty big hole, but I think we have some guys that can step up and fill the hole. I am looking forward to an exciting season."

Hancock Panthers

Coach: Jeff Spielman (19th season)

2002-03: 10-12

Playoffs: Lost to Westmar in Md. Class 1A West first round.

Returning Starters (3): Jordan Sterner, Sr., F, 6-0; Brad Spielman, Jr., G, 5-11; Jeff Willison, Jr., C, 6-6.

Remainder Of Roster: Josh Hendershot, Sr., G, 5-9; Chris Knable, Sr., G, 5-10; Dustin Jenkins, Jr., G, 5-10; Bryan Powers, Jr., F, 5-10; Andy Morris, Jr., G, 5-9; Basil Kuhn, Jr., F, 5-10; Brad Harden, Jr., C, 6-1; Dylan Shives, So., F, 5-11.

Spielman's Outlook: "We have a pretty good nucleus coming back. If we can keep improving and if we can stay away from injuries, then we can have a pretty good season. We're only going to be starting one senior, so we're going to be pretty young."

Heritage Academy Eagles

Coach: Mike Kidd (7th season)

2002-03: 23-8

Playoffs: Won ACSI District and Regional tournaments.

Returning Starters (3): Drew Kidd, Sr., G, 5-10; Kevin Sandell, Jr., G, 5-8; Chuck Harrell, Jr., F, 5-9.

Remainder Of Roster: Josh Hoy, Sr., G, 5-8; Brian Sandell, Jr., C, 6-1; Andrew Shank, Jr., F, 5-10; Zack Hartman, Jr., F, 5-11; Justin Cutchall, So., G, 5-6; Seth Johnson, So., G, 5-8; Travis Hendershot, So., G, 5-5; David Kidd, So., F, 5-10; Jonathan Ellis, So., G, 5-6.

Kidd's Outlook: "We're not really tall, but our kids play really hard. They like to compete and we look forward to the challenges ahead of growing as a team that honors God with our effort and attitude."

Highland View Tartans

Coach: Jesse Benton (1st season)

2002-03: 2-15

Playoffs: None.

Returning Starters (3): Eddy Martins, Jr., G, 5-10; Justin Greenleaf, Jr., F, 6-0; Kent Caviness, Sr., G, 5-10.

Remainder Of Roster: Eduardo Souza, Sr., G, 5-9; Robert Nyack, Jr., G, 5-9; Chris Nyack, Jr., F-G, 5-10; Jimmy Hess, Jr., G-F, 6-1; Mikal Nelson, Sr., F, 6-0; John Givens, Sr., C, 6-4; Terrell McAllister, Sr., G-F, 5-10; Jamie Timon, So., G-F, 5-10.

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