Thanksgiving Day, 2003

November 27, 2003

The few eyewitness accounts that have survived of the first Thanksgiving feast describe a group of people who came to America a bit unsure of what they would find, but who were pleasantly surprised at the abundance of wild game and the ease of growing corn and other vegetables.

These new residents lived - at least for a time - peacefully with the American Indians and celebrated with at least 90 members of them on that first feast day in 1621.

They were thankful for their bounty and assured those they knew back home in England that reports of it were not exaggerations, but the truth. But they also described what could happen to a crop if it was planted too late and became scorched by the sun in the late summer's heat.

Most in the Tri-state area do not have to worry about where today's holiday feast will come from, and if something in the refrigerator happens to spoil, nobody will go hungry as a result.


We're thankful for that, and for a great many other things. For us, unlike the Pilgrims, this is a familiar land, where generations before have lived and endured events like the Depression and World War II so that we could have a better life.

For those of us in the newspaper business, we're grateful that for more than 100 years men and women have worked to make The Herald-Mail successful, by covering the news of the region and, not incidentally, allowing us to practice an honorable profession.

We are thankful for our readers, who are our best critics, offering us constructive suggestions for what we need to cover and how best to do it.

And we are thankful for all of those who talk to our reporters, not because they have to, but because they feel the public has a strong interest in knowing what is going on in the community.

We are also thankful for our advertisers, who with their dollars make it possible to cover all the subjects that we do.

And not the least of today's blessings are our employees, who work around the clock to bring the news from our offices to many a doorstep or computer terminal.

We are a long way from the first Thanksgiving feast, but one of the reasons for this day is to remember those whose long-ago sacrifices made possible the life we have today.

On behalf of the The Herald- Mail, please have a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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