Letters to the editor - 11/27/03

November 27, 2003

MCI tradition continues

To the editor:

On the morning of Nov. 14, those traveling Maryland's highways had to endure the bitter cold and almost unbearable high winds to reach their destinations. This included Cargill (Shady Brook) tractor-trailer driver Mike Marstille, who was entrusted with the responsibility of delivering 13,700 pounds of turkey to the gates of the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown.

Then there was Sandra E. Briggs and Norma Thompson, traveling from Baltimore to participate in what has become an annual tradition. It started back in 1997 when the late and most beloved Bea Gaddy entered the prison compound with a host of activists and volunteers all eager to meet those who would assist them in preparing the turkeys donated to "Bea Gaddy's Family Center."

Since that year, Bea Gaddy's Family Center has worked closely with a mixed group of people to accomplish the goal of providing meals to thousands who have fallen on hard times. Even with Maryland's outstanding budget crisis looming over the heads of many, those who have provided priceless services in the past continue to do so.


Without them, the mission and the goal of Bea Gaddy's Family Center would not be possible.

This is why on a cold day in November, the Cargill (Shady Brook) tractor-trailer driver, delivered a load of turkeys. A Channel 25 Alive News reporter waited patiently while trying to keep warm on the dock of State Use Industries meat plant with an assembly of others committed to honoring this annual tradition.

The continued commitment of Mary Ann Saar, the newly hired state secretary of Public Safety and Corrections Services; Gregory Hupt, State Use Industries' regional manager and Mike L. Fager Sr., State Use Industries meat plant manager and the inmates who work behind the scene in deboning and preparing (cooking) the turkeys. We can rest assured that this annual tradition will live on.

What began in 1997 has touched the lives of many from all walks of life. The endorsement of the secretary of Public Safety and Correctional Services and the commitment of State Use Industries to share their facilities and skills, proves that some things are simply without boundaries.

Rafiki Abdul Karim

No. 199426

Maryland Correctional Institutional

Amused from afar

To the editor:

Since I moved away from Hagerstown years ago to get a life, I am perpetually grateful to The Herald-Mail for providing a Web site that allows me to keep in touch with the dull and insane people of the Tri-State area.

It doesn't take a high school graduate to recognize, for example, that if drugs were legalized there wouldn't really be much crime to report in the Herald-Mail's police log. Fortunately, stupidity is still not on the books as a misdemeanor or felony.

However, the anti-gay blurt of the mayor of Hagerstown spells it out pretty clearly for anybody who reads The Herald-Mail: Misinformed and misanthropic small town goof spews his antediluvian venom for all to witness. Those not in the loop scratch heads and wonder how such a bigoted small town, with all of its small-town advantages disappearing on a daily basis, can exist so close to our nation's capital?

Let us pray on that, and Herald-Mail, please continue to be entertaining in your own "special" way!

David Brown

Los Angeles, CA

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