'Take some pumpkin seeds...

November 26, 2003|by KATE COLEMAN

Karen Stroup will be cooking two turkeys this Thanksgiving. A 12-pound bird will be roasted, and for the second time, she will deep-fry a 10-pound turkey.

Stroup's expecting only 12 people at her table, not the 27 who came last year. Among them will be her son, who will be traveling from Harrisonburg, Va.

Stroup, in her second year as principal at Sharpsburg Elementary School, says some of the 297 students in the school have found some time to talk about thankfulness.


A few first-graders shared some thoughts about Thanksgiving and what they think it takes to put together the turkey-day feast. They are excited to spend time with family and friends, but some of their ideas could turn dinner into an adventure.

Aaron Morris, who just turned 7, says his grandma and her kids will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Aaron will eat turkey and mashed potatoes, of course. Some steak, maybe.

How do you cook a turkey?

"By roasting it in a big oven," he says.

What will Aaron's family have for dessert?

"Maybe the body of the turkey," he suggests.

Six-year-old Bethany Marshall's family will have Thanksgiving dinner at her Nannie and Pappy's house. Nannie will cook the turkey and pumpkin pie.

Bethany thinks she knows how to make a pumpkin pie: Take some pumpkin seeds, cook them, put some dough on top, and bake it.

Blake Newlin, 6, plans to have some chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Will he be eating cranberry sauce?

"No," he says with a vigorous shake of his head.

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have, says Megan Eichelberger, 6. She's thankful for her family.

She'll share her holiday dinner at home with her mom, dad and 8-year-old sister, Kelsey.

The skin is Megan's favorite part of the turkey, and she'll have stuffing, but not gravy.

Guests, including her grandmother, Mum Mum, will join the Eichelbergers for dessert.

Megan likes pumpkin pie and thinks there will be vanilla ice cream.

Marley Enfield, who's 5 but almost 6, is thankful for her family and her pets. They include Sammy the cat, Daisy the cocker spaniel and horses Jen, Sprinkles and Sweetie - the horse Marley rides.

Her family will gather at her house, and her mother and grandmother will do the cooking. There will be turkey and mashed potatoes and chicken and vanilla and chocolate ice cream for dessert.

And pumpkin pie?

"I don't like pie," Marley says.

Tess Hebert, 6, will dine at home with her mom and dad and her 3-year-old sister, Taylor. There will be turkey, mashed potatoes and ham on Thanksgiving Day. There will be pumpkin and apple pie and chocolate ice cream.

She doesn't think it's easy to cook a turkey.

"It's hard to put it in the oven," she says.

Kaitlin Robertson is thankful for her friends and her family and her two cats, even though one of them - Lace - died. Cody, the cat who remains, is bad when he chases her legs, 6-year-old Kaitlin says.

Her Thanksgiving dinner will include turkey, stuffing and egg salad, apple pie and ice cream.

Kaitlin's mom will do the cooking.

Kaitlin is candid about her knowledge of what it takes to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

"I have no clue," Kaitlin says.

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