Mail Call for 11-25

November 26, 2003

"A few month ago, I was talking to a homeless man downtown and asked him where he was going to sleep for the night and he said in a cardboard box in the woods. I asked him if he would like a nice place to live and have his own bedroom to sleep in and he said that he has no money to pay bills. I said you don't need money and he said he smoked. I asked him where he got his smokes and he said he bummed them. I said he couldn't smoke in my house and I am not buying them for you. He said he would rather sleep in his cardboard box if he couldn't smoke and that is sad. I wanted to help someone out, but he turned me down."

"To Jennifer, what a dear and sweet caring person you are. So is your mother, Vanessa, your dad, Harry, and your brother, John. Love to all. They also love Mail Call. Keep up the good work, Mail Call."


- Williamsport

"I am a North High band parent. I have no problem with other bands leading the parade. My only problem is if other bands in the county would like to lead the parade, they should also have the privilege of being the last band in the parade."

"I am usually pretty critical with the DMV, but after reading the article in the paper tonight about public records, I commend them. I think a lot of other people wouldn't want any Tom, Dick or Harry going in and being able to get your driving record. I don't have anything on my record, but there is personal information on there that I wouldn't want to share with just anyone. So, well done, DMV."

"Amen to Charley Reese's article about liberals on guns. It was in the Nov. 20 paper. He hit the nail right on the head."

"I disagree with my fellow Clear Springer John Baker's letter to the editor that was in the paper on Nov. 20. I happen to applaud the current administration for cutting funding to the different organizations that Baker mentioned. I am tired of my tax money going to fund other people's needs all the time. The funds may have been cut to these organizations, but they weren't eliminated. They can still function and just like families, they will just have to tighten up their belts a little. I think Baker is overstating his point a little too much."

"I always thought the expression should be 'I could NOT care less,' but many people say 'I could care less.' When you think about it, that doesn't really make sense."

"I am curious to know where the neighborhood watch group SNACA is? I am pretty familiar with most watch groups and that is new to me."

"Can anyone tell me how to dry pomegranates for dried arrangements?"

"Regardless of what the mayor of Hagerstown says, I would love to see the Miss Gay America Pageant held here in Washington County. To make it easier for Hagerstonians, it is similar to a Vegas show, fully clothed, of course. I have had the opportunity to attend a similar showing, wonderful performances, beautiful dresses and contestants. A little revenue around here wouldn't hurt either."

"I bought lots of wreaths and Christmas things last year in Shepherdstown, too, but when I spoke to those people at the end of the season they said they would definitely be there this year. Thanksgiving weekend, they will be over there somewhere out in the street on Main Street selling their things and every weekend in December they will be there. Either at the post office or downtown. Look for them under the white tent making wreaths, they have great stuff. I know I am going back over to get some more stuff."

"I am not from Hagerstown, but I work near Hagerstown. I wish we had more politicians that tell it like it is instead of catering to the minority. The mayor of Hagerstown commented about the gay convention and the way I read it, he really isn't interested in it being here. I feel 1,000 percent the same way. I guarantee you, he will get ripped apart for making those comments."

"Congratulations to our granddaughter, Jalyn Barnes for making the honor roll for the first marking period at South High. We are proud of you, love Pap and Nena."

"Stop the Press! Austin, a student at Clear Spring Elementary School. We are so proud of you, keep up the good work. Love, your family."

"I wish people would stop calling in about the Mummers' Parade. That was a long time ago. Get over it, move on to a new issue. The band that started the parade was great and they should be applauded, not critcized because other people wanted the other band to start first. Get over it."

"I would like to thank the two ladies who picked me up off the street at Wal-Mart when I fell on Thursday and hurt myself. I would have never been able to get up without their assistance. I hurt so bad I didn't think the get their names or thank them. So thanks again ladies for your help."

"If the people in this community believe these commercials that are running for Roscoe Bartlett that he advocated Medicare medication for seniors, if you believe this, then you too may be a redneck."

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