Many reasons to give thanks

November 26, 2003|by PEPPER BALLARD

Children at Salem Avenue Elementary School said Tuesday they are most thankful for their moms and dads, their cats and dogs, and their toys and books.

Just two days before Thanksgiving, students at the Hagerstown school were busy learning. Some pre-kindergarten students wore pilgrim hats and American Indian headdresses made from colorful construction paper as they counted the snacks they were to eat.

Markie Rogers, 10, a fourth-grader at the school, said he's most thankful for his mom, "because I got a house."

Kenneth Carpenter, 8, a fourth-grader at the school, said, "I'm thankful for my grandfather because he takes us on trips."

Carpenter said he's going to Florida in February.

Austin Miller, 9, a fourth-grader at the school, said he was "thankful for the Lord because he keeps me alive every day."


His classmate, Sarah Mummert, 9, said she is thankful for her education because her mother was raised in the Philippines and didn't have the kind of opportunities that she has.

Fourth-grader Kevin Kretzer said his father is thankful for his hunting license, but Kevin is thankful for his home.

"It's different because I don't go hunting as much as he does," the 9-year-old said.

First-grader Casey Henson, 6, said she's thankful for her pet parrot, Adam.

"He sleeps with me and gives me lots of love," she said.

"I'm thankful for my family and for me to be living," said first-grader Jordan Larrison.

First-grader Autumn Anderson, 6, said, "I'm thankful for my cat, my family and everybody in my school."

First-grader Joshua Swim, 6, said he's thankful for his little brother.

"He plays with my toys for me," he said.

First-grader Tyshawn King, 6, said he's thankful for his cat, who plays with him.

Andrea Wells, 4, a pre-kindergarten student, said she's thankful for her dog, Max, because he licks her.

"It means he likes me," she said.

Joshman Simington, 5, said he's thankful for his mom and for his Incredible Hulk hands.

Austin Lushbaugh, 4, said, "I'm thankful for my mommy and daddy and my sister."


"Because they love me," he said.

They show him love by playing with him, Austin said.

"They're thankful for my brother," he said.

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