Blast from the past

November 26, 2003

Week of Nov. 23, 1953

Russell T. Bair, Cavetown Pike, thinks he shot the granddaddy of Washington County rabbits the other day. Bair, a retired grocer, bagged a giant bunny Tuesday that measured 30 inches in length and weighed an even 6 pounds.

The unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing must have even the City Park ducks and geese confused. At least a couple of them are laying eggs, which as a rule happens only in the spring or summer.

Believe it or not, Washington County has a colony of beavers.

The colony was discovered by two local men - Drake Dofflemyer and Douggie Weigand - along Sideling Hill Creek near the Allegany County line about five or six miles from the old Boy Scout camp site at Pearre.


Week of Nov. 23, 1978

Because of "stringent" new rules governing the use of Hagerstown City Park, the Washington County Arts Council is moving its annual Park Arts Festival to Doubs Woods Park beginning in June 1979.

The post of finance director in Hagerstown city government carries a top salary of $23,060, while the same post in the county government has a top pay of $27,774. The City Clerk's annual pay can go as high as $16,318, while the County Clerk's top salary is $21,462.

A unique bill of sale, 70 years old, has turned up locally. The sale bill is printed on fabric resembling fine muslin, measuring 20 inches by 28 inches. The eye-catching work is identified as "Hagerstown Herald Print."

Mrs. Henrietta L. Strite's name is affixed to the ad, which also carries her photograph and indicates that she, "intending to quit housekeeping," will sell her home Tuesday, March 26, 1907, at 1 p.m. sharp, and includes an interesting list of farm and household items.

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