Mail Call

November 21, 2003

"This is Mr. and Mrs. Lehman from Old Forge Road calling. Four of our children were in a traffic accident on Pennsylvania Avenue on Nov. 6. We want to sincerely thank all the people who so kindly helped them out of the minivan and made phone calls for them and then comforted them. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and will always be remembered. We would really like to thank you personally and can be reached at 301-797-1617. Our children are all home from the hospital now and while they have some broken bones and other injuries they are recovering. We are so thankful to God for protecting and healing."

"I got a wreath last year for Christmas in Shepherdstown. Does anyone know when that young couple, I think they are brother and sister, is going to be there? Does anyone know who they are or have a number so I can call them? They make really nice stuff."


"I am calling about the railroad crossings in Maugansville at Village Mill Drive and Maugansville Road. They are so terrible. Even when you drive your car across them slowly, it just shakes your car apart. Can something be done about this crossing? Also, I just read Tim Rowland's column in the Nov. 17 paper. I thought it was so funny. Keep up the good work, Tim. Thanks, Mail Call."

"This is Williamsport High School band section leader calling. Let it go about the Mummers' Parade. That was three weeks ago. If South High had a problem with it, they would have done something about it. Their band director is friends with ours. It's a good idea to have the other schools have a chance since there are seven of them. Seems to make sense to every school but North."

"I heard on TV where Roscoe Bartlett is taking all the credit for the prescription plan that has already been in the works. This man only knows how to vote the way his fellow Republican buddies are voting."

"I for one am encouraged seeing the economy really starting to move in a positive direction. We are starting to see how the president's tax cuts are doing what some of have been saying they would do. The job market is starting to improve and I am expecting the deficit to start disappearing in a short time. We need to give Bush the credit he deserves. I am glad I voted for him. Come on folks, lighten up, better times are ahead."

"Why doesn't the police department start monitoring Salem Avenue more often? Since the Centre at Hagerstown has opened, Salem Avenue has become a raceway. I was coming down Salem Avenue and I was doing 30 myself and some people were going by me like I was sitting still."

"I want to know if the neighborhood group SMACA is still operating? If so, I would like a phone number to get in touch with them."

"I would like a good recipe for the filling that goes into the turkey. So if you have a good recipe, please put it in Mail Call."

"About you folks bickering over the 'Wings of Time' and the 'Hills of Glory.' You guys must be newcomers to Hagerstown. The 'Wings of Time,' held at Hagerstown Fairgrounds, possibly late '30s and early '40s, but I think it was back around '39 or so. I think Fairchild had something to do with it."

"I see where someone wants to know about the 'Wings of Time' program. That was held in 1937 or 1938 in front of the grandstands at the Fairgrounds. It was a fun time. A lot of people from Hagerstown attended."

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