Blast from the past

November 19, 2003

Week of Nov. 16, 1953

Part of The Herald-Mail anniversary edition issued early in September is going into the Library of Congress in Washington.

Mrs. Frank W. Mish Jr., was notified this week that the section of the anniversary edition that pertains to Jonathan Hager, founder of Hagerstown, will be made available to the public at the Congressional Library.

Another relic of a passing era disappeared from the Hagerstown scene this week.

The lunch stand and confectionary counter in the Western Maryland Railway station here was closed to make way for increased office space. Vending machines will be installed to disperse food, coffee and confections that were sold at the stand.

The Washington County Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America serves about 1,700 local boys.

Cub Scouting, the program for 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds, has been the fastest growing branch of the movement.

Week of Nov. 16, 1978

Washington County school officials are concerned that the system is losing good teachers, especially math and science teachers, to other employment. School Superintendent Dr. Claud E. Kitchens said, "I know of at least two very good people who left for other local employment at a much higher pay scale. We can't compete where there's that much difference."


Much has been said about voter apathy in this election year, but Sharpsburg may be taking a lack of interest to the extreme.

A town election is scheduled for next Tuesday to fill the positions of vice mayor and three council seats.

The current vice mayor, Willis Baker, is running unopposed. And only one person has filed for the three seats on the town council.

A rare zinc casting of the Maryland State Seal that once stood in a small alcove in the top of the Washington County Courthouse entrance is being restored for the county by artists at Advertising Inc.

Experts at Advertising Inc., believe it's a rare artwork and historical piece, probably cast around 1878.

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