Double, double

November 14, 2003|by BIG SYD

This might sound like double talk ... double talk.

No, I'm not in an echo chamber ... I'm not in an echo chamber.

No, I'm not stuck in my empty storage fridge at the Dargan compound ... not stuck in my empty storage fridge at the Dargan compound.

This is definitely an experiment in football and fun ... experiment in football and fun.

I've been commissioned by my close friend Paul Tags to check it out ... by my close friend Paul Tags to check it out.

I'm trying to cover it all from every angle ... angle ... angle ... angle.

This could be fun ... fun ... fun. I can repeat without eating a pepperoni and pickled pig's feet pizza ... Tough to repeat, repeat, repeat from every angle, angle angle. And boy are we thankful ... thankful ... thankful.


This would be great to rock out with that commemorative Kate Smith-Nell Carter duet ... duet ... duet. Think of all the angles that have to be covered there ... there ... there.

But let's get down to business ... business ... business.

This is a study of the oft-criticized NFL Instant Replay plan ... oft-criticized ... oft-criticized .... plan ... plan ... plan.

This is the verbal set ... set ... set. Where we can hear if the ref's whistle was blown ... was blown ... was blown. Not just the call ... call ... call.

Watch out ... out ... out. Duck ... duck ... duck ... goose.

Here comes another red flag ... red flag ... red flag. From that feisty Brian Billick ... Billick ... Bill ... Ravens' coach ... that guy.

Another challenge ... challenge ... challenge ... complaint.

And upon further review, he's losing another timeout ... timeout ... timeout.

And with all that, not only did we waste all your time reading this, but it throws off the schedule to watch TVLand classic show repeats .... repeats ... repeats.

On with the predictions. Last week 10-7 (.588). Season 193-53 (.785).


Md. Class 2A West Semis:

North Hagerstown 23, Fort Hill 21: Hubs make the climb and tree Fort.

South Carroll 31, Walkersville 17: Cavaliers take a Walkersville on the wild side. Dood-dood-ta-dood.

Md. Class 1A West Semis:

Beall 34, Smithsburg 21: Beall takes its toll and runs rings around the Leopards.

Catoctin 30, Hancock 13: Panthers will replace lobster Thurmont-dor as the Cozy's special of the day.


W.Va. Class AAA First Round

Martinsburg 49, Robert C. Byrd 7: Ever see a Bulldog flip a Byrd?


Penn State 27, Indiana 20: The Nittany Lions are Pat-ermined to get a win.

Pittsburgh 33, West Virginia 23: Panthers give the 'Eers a waxing.

Shepherd 28, West Virginia Tech 17: For five cents and a win, the Rams will get Tech-nickel.


Dolphins 24, Ravens 10: Will Baltimore finally get it Wright or will the Dolphins make us cry?

Panthers 30, Redskins 21: Ozzie, Harriet, Miles and even Stephen will make this the worst Davis of Spurrier's tenure.

Eagles 27, Giants 13: McEagles Mcnab Mcthis Mcone.

49ers 33, Steelers 20: Steelers can't even be considered the best of the rust.

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