Grand madam president pays a visit to local Eagles auxiliary

November 13, 2003|by Alicia Notarianni

On Tuesday, Nov. 11, The Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 694 Hagerstown Auxiliary received a visit from the highest officer in their international organization. Peggy Carver, grand madam president from Hermiston, Ore., joined the auxiliary for dinner at The Red Horse Steak House, then for a time of socializing in the club meeting room at 18 N. Locust St.

Carver was elected grand madam president at the national Fraternal Order of Eagles convention last August in Buffalo, N.Y. She is serving a one-year term, during which she has been traveling across the United States and Canada visiting Eagles auxiliaries. Carver said she visited Cumberland, Md., before Hagers-town and was headed to Westminster, Md.

"I only spend a few days at home each month," she says. "I was away from the first through the 27th of last month, and I'll be away from the first through the 23rd of this month.


"I can't begin to tell you how fantastic it's been. Brothers and sisters in the jurisdiction of Eagledom have been so gracious and hospitable."

Joan Kline, 68, of Hagers-town, a past regional president of the auxiliary, said the goal of the auxiliary is to help people. Toward that end, the auxiliary does a lot of fund-raising.

"We do a lot of functions to raise monies for state and local charities," said Carol Lynn, 49, madam secretary of the Hagerstown group. "It's a wonderful way to chip in and help out."

Money is donated to organizations that deal with diabetes, heart and kidney disease, cancer, spinal cord injury and AIDS and social problems, such as child abuse and drug and alcohol abuse.

"We support not only national charities, but state and local as well," Lynn said. "Someone recently said that we are the area's best kept secret. It's time to let everyone know who we are."

Carver said the Fraternal Order of Eagles donates millions of dollars each year.

"At our last national convention, we gave away $900,000 to various charities at that one function," she said.

The Hagerstown auxiliary, which just celebrated its 50th year, meets every other Tuesday and has approximately 320 members. Their functions include bake sales, spaghetti dinners, steak feeds and raffles.

"The Hagerstown auxiliary is very nice," Carver said. "The sisters are excellent workers."

Belle Eger, 58, of Hagers-town, the Maryland state president in charge of nine auxiliaries, said the focus project for Maryland this year is to support Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley Inc.

"Money will be donated to purchase prostheses and wigs, and related items like soaps, creams and special undergarments," Eger said. "We'll also donate money for gift certificates for patients who are receiving chemotherapy to go out to dinner instead of having to go home and cook when they aren't feeling well."

Hagerstown No. 694 has several high-ranking Fraternal Order of Eagles officers. Constance "Connie" Grimsley, 63, of Hagerstown, is the Mid-Atlantic regional auxiliary president, while Curt Stevenson, 55, of Hagerstown, is the Mid-Atlantic regional president for the male Eagles group, the Aerie. Like Carver, Grimsley and Stevenson were appointed to their posts at the national convention in Buffalo and will serve one-year terms.

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