Pepsi wins Hancock cola war

November 13, 2003|by TARA REILLY

Coca-Cola is out and Pepsi is in as the official beverage of Hancock.

The Hancock Town Council voted Wednesday to accept a proposal from the Pepsi Bottling Group in Williamsport to be the exclusive beverage supplier of several town-owned locations.

Some Town Council members said the choice to go with Pepsi was easy,because the soft drink company offered to give the town $1,000 a year to be used as a scholarship for a college-bound student.

The scholarship will be based on need and academic standards set by the town.

"I like Coke, but Pepsi makes better sense for the town," Councilman David Smith said.

"It's going to help somebody," Councilman Randy Pittman said.

Pittman called the choice to go with Pepsi "a no-brainer."

Councilman Greg Yost said the town will receive 45 percent commission on sales of Pepsi beverages excluding Gatorade. The town will get 25 percent of Gatorade sales.


The Central Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Hagerstown first approached Hancock in the summer about becoming the town's exclusive provider.

Coca-Cola had asked that seven 20-ounce bottle vending machines be placed at various government buildings and properties. The town was to receive 45 percent of the profits, or about $21,600 a year.

But the Town Council expressed reservations about the Coca-Cola proposal, saying it didn't think the profits would be that much.

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