Blast from the past

November 12, 2003

Week of Nov. 9, 1953

Washington County was still groggy this morning after being smacked by the worst early November blizzard in the memory of veteran road workers.

Snow, to the depth of 16 inches at Foxville, and drifts four to five feet deep, kept 31 state and county snow-plowing and cinder crews busy throughout the night and this morning. Here in Hagerstown the snow measured 10 inches.

Most people in Hagerstown and Washington County must have done a lot of telephoning during the surprise blizzard yesterday and last night.

The C&P exchange here was "up to its neck" with business yesterday, the biggest day in the company's history here. A total of 110,000 calls were made through the local exchange yesterday, 30,000 more than any previous day.


Two half-grown squirrels toppled or climbed down the fireplace chimney and right into the living room of Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Snyder, 1410 Oak Hill Ave.

Take it from Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, no one can describe how frisky and messy a pair of soot-covered little squirrels can be, and were, as they scampered over just about everything in the room, including the drapes and curtains, before family members got them cornered and into a box.

Week of Nov. 9, 1978

Thursday was a day of firsts for Glenn Bowman. He spent his first morning in the Washington County sheriff's seat.

And in the afternoon he became the first man in memory here to win an election, get a governor's commission, and be sworn into office - all within less than 48 hours.

A minimum of 10,000 Washington County residents will be trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during the next three years because of a grant from the Health Planning Council of Appalachia Maryland. The training course is free and includes a film, a lecture and practice on Resusci-Anne.

Four new businesses have opened in downtown Hagerstown in recent weeks: The Dollar General Store on Public Square, the News Stand at 33 E. Washington St., the Mad Potter at 49 W. Washington St., and Janice Ryan Hair Artists at 16 N. Jonathan St.

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