Mail Call for 11-10

November 10, 2003

"I want to say congratulations to my granddaughter, Tracee Haupt, for being on the distinguished honor roll at Clear Spring High School. We all love you, Nanny and Pappy."

"In reference to the person looking for an area organization, club or group that collects newspapers. Star Community, Inc. has a recycling crew and we do just that. Call 301-791-0011 and ask for Kelly."

"Penny Nigh does know how the city government works. Unfortunately, they blame her for a lot of stuff. The council made a moral commitment to our children for the $17,000 then they turn around for politically correct ideas. I think Penny Nigh is out to help all of us, the homeless, and those of us who have to support those things for them. But she knows that the future is the children and they need help desperately."

"This may be just a coincidence, but I was at different intersections today with four-way stop signs or signals. But three of them, three different intersections and three different vehicles, they all ran through the stop signs. I figured they were out of state, but they were Maryland tags and on all three of them, they all only had one tag on the back of the car; the front tag was missing. I wonder what these three people were doing illegally?"


"Does anyone else besides me, find that the music on TV is so loud that you sometimes can't hear what the actors are saying?"

"There was an article in the paper the other day about a zoning meeting coming up on Monday, that they would be deciding on zoning. It would be good if the paper could find out what they are going to be deciding on, so that anyone interested in those cases could be there at that meeting."

"Can anyone tell us citizens how many politicians have sons or daughters fighting this war in Iraq?"

"I don't believe the school should let the kids who live outside of the district play sports for that school. I think they should play for their own school or not be able to play at all. Thanks."

"As a taxpayer and registered voter, I would like to congratulate columnist Tim Rowland for his very fine column on Nov. 6, in which he took the commissioners of Washington County to task. For what they are now getting in salary, we taxpayers deserve much better. Commissioner Greg Snook, who somehow is unavailable for comment so often on important matters, should resign immediately. He has shown poor leadership time and time again as Rowland pointed out in his column. His column on Nov. 6, should be read and remembered by every voter at the next election for County Commissioners. I sure wish the election could be next month."

"In reference to the recent Mail Call about the E. Russell Hicks Band at the Mummers' Parade. I agree, they were fantastic. One of the best bands in the parade. Miss Hall, the band director, needs a pat on the back for a job well done for leading these kids to this very important parade."

"Go Rebels Band, great little dance you did at the Mummers' Parade. Boy could you guys really move it down, all the way down to the ground. I have never seen any other band do this, and you guys were awesome. I moved right along with you."

"To Hospice: Thanks very much for taking care of our brother, Russell. From his brothers and sisters. Thanks again."

"I would like to know when the county is going to provide the public with information regarding the Broadfording Road Bridge closure. It has been closed for months. No work is being done. Why? The county should keep in mind when someone suffers property loss, injury or loss of life, due to delay in emergency services to this area, the county is going to be liable. Please keep this in mind."

"I wish some of our politicians would start doing something about cell phone abuse. You see so many people talking on the cell phones while driving. This is so dangerous, driving with one hand and talking on the cell phone with the other hand, you have to know that your mind is not on the road, it is on the person that is on the phone. Not everyone abuses the cell phone, but every day, you see a lot of people who do abuse it."

"You know what is disgusting? I visited the Washington County Hospital the other day. I had to come off King Street and walk up the steps towards the Emergency Room. There must have been about eight people sitting on the steps and sidewalk smoking. You had no room to walk up or down the steps and there sat a security guard with them. Come on, hospital, what is going on with that?"

"Congratulations to the Springfield Middle School sixth-grade volleyball team."

"Alice, I want to thank you for mowing my lawn. That was very thoughtful of you. From Arthur."

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