Mail Call

November 08, 2003

"We live in the North End of Hagerstown and we gave out candy on trick-or-treat night. Isn't there an age requirement for trick-or-treaters? We saw adults asking for candy. Something needs to be done."

"I am in reference to the Japanese flag. You can call me at 301-733-3913 because I am very interested in it."

"Now that the Republicans, headed by President Bush, have cut down the law to permit a woman to determine in what point of her pregnancy she can decide she doesn't want to carry it, they don't hesitate to send our boys and girls to war to be killed."

"I read Tim Rowland's article in Wednesday's paper. That was a wonderful article, but Tim, if the County Commissioners can't see why these people are being hired and only staying around for two weeks, that should tell them something is wrong. They should take a look at the supervisors and find out what is wrong with them and why they can't keep the ones they hire. Don't blame it on the employee. Put the blame where it belongs."


"I was reading with interest where people who went to the parade and saw people in the parade talking on their cell phones. How would you like to go to church and have someone's phone ring right in the middle of the preacher's sermon? If someone is that important, they shouldn't even be in church."

"To the person who wanted the number for the no-kill animal shelter. It is called Kit Kat and Critter Rescue, Inc. The number is 301-797-5512 and ask for Ruth, she will get back to you as soon as possible."

"I noticed all the county middle schools were recently represented in the Mummers' Parade, with the exception of Clear Spring Middle. A recent article in the paper called them a Performing Arts School, so why not perform in the parade?"

"Does anyone know what day and time the Mummers' Parade will be on TV?"

"Great job to the North Hagerstown High School band which performed in Cumberland at 6:30 p.m. and made it to the Mummers' Parade that evening and performed very well. Congratulations and good luck at the ACC Championships in Scranton, Pa. Keep up the good work, Boba Booey."

"A lady recently called in about a Japanese battle flag that her husband got. Try the World War II Museum on Northern Avenue."

"To the person who called in about the school honor roll. Are you a complete idiot? Don't you think it's a good thing that, that many children are doing that well in school?"

"So they don't want slots in Little Orleans. That is pretty sad isn't it? They are probably the same bunch that probably voted Republican. They don't want the gambling now. Well nobody is going to force you to go there. But I think it's a great idea, I hate gambling, but why not have the fools who want to gamble, spend their money in Maryland instead of giving it all to West Virginia?"

"Everyone is invited to join the Ladies Auxiliary, American Legion Post 236 on honoring our Veterans on Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. at the Sharpsburg Town Square. Thank you."

"For REACH and council members Lew Metzner, Carol Moller and Linn Hendershot. I hope you all feel good about taking money from our children. The students won't be able to use the library because the homeless people will be there taking up all the seats. Shame, shame and more shame."

"Do egg whites have any food value?"

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