Big Sydney - Win an argument, talk to yourself

November 07, 2003|by BIG SYD

This is the time of year I wish I had a split personality.

This is strictly for practical reasons ... although there would be times when having two of me might be handy. One could sleep while the other goes for the Dagwood Bumstead midnight snack.

But, let's face it, there isn't enough room in Dargan for two of me. In fact, just one of me has a problem staying within this thriving metropolis' borders.

Yet, this is the week when I wish when it came down to prognosticating games I didn't have to take sides.


For those who have been hiding under a rock - or Rush Limbaugh - this is Rivalry Week. I get to go to my filing cabinet of overused cliches and whip a few out.

Hmmm. "Throw out the records."

I can use that one.

And "Winning this one makes the entire season."

Yeah. That one fits.

"Honest, I'll call you in the morning."

Ooops. How did that one get in there.

Still the worst part is picking the games themselves. After all these years, I hate to alienate any of our fine local teams. And when they are playing against each other, one will be happy with my decision and the other will be upset because I picked against them.

The only way I can get around that is let my peusdo-colleague Dan Kauffman pick. If he doesn't choose you to win, start the victory celebration.

But this is the week I feel like I'm in therapy because it becomes a game of word association. I get so confused.

North ... South

Undefeated ... Unseated.

Kellick ... cooked potato chips.

Cunningham ... Falls.

Cross ... stitch.

Playoffs ... played off.

Hubs ... cap off the season.

Rebels ... Going South without a cause.

City title ... The land that South Mountain forgot.

No, City title ... Oh, Hagerstown hoedown.

Crowd enthusiasm ... winning record.

Complacent ... losing record.

Dogged defense ... loose pit bull.

Hand signals ... keeping score at Municipal Stadium.

Bleacher seats ... Section 8.

Top dogs ... new breed.

Hot dogs ... relish, mustard and whip cream.

Winning pick ... A team from Hagerstown.

On with the predictions. Last week 24-3 (.889), season 183-46 (.799).


Smithsburg 31, Boonsboro 8: Leopards get medieval thanks to a White night.

Hancock 34, Bishop Walsh 30: Panthers take a hike along with Trail to possible playoff berth.

North Hagerstown 27, South Hagerstown 6: Hubs scrub Rebels to be dubbed city champs, perfectly.

Williamsport 20, Century 18: Wildcats might have to wait 100 years for another chance like this.

Catoctin 34, Brunswick 16: Cougars chug past as Railroaders reach the end of the line.

Walkersville 38, Middletown 20: Lions will be so high for this won, they will have to radio Grau control.

St. John's-Prospect Hall 44, Riverdale Baptist 19: Vikings shift directions so well, they Ricca-choet past Riverdale.

Williamstown 37, Berkeley Springs 21: Indians Rock well into the game before faltering.

Wheeling Park 35, Hedgesville 13: Park gets a lot of amusement from playing the Eagles.


Frederick 41, Thomas Johnson 8: Patriots score none if by land and none if by sea but oneth by accident.


Penn State 27, Northwestern 22: Nittany Lions find an opponent to outsmart ... at least on the field.

Boston College 24, West Virginia 20: Eagles turn Mounties on their 'eers.

Shepherd 38, Concord 15: Mountain Lions can grape and whine, but this will be vintage Rams.


Seahawks 33, Redskins 14: In the Spurrier of the moment, Seattle proves it got the better of the two Hasselbecks.

Steelers 24, Cardinals 17: No bull. Pittsburgh has a Madd-ox.

Rams 31, Ravens 21: Boller loses the battle of the Bulger.

Packers 30, Eagles 13: In a land Favre, Favre away, Philly is lost in Lambeau.

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