Over the Mountain Studio Tour - Featured artists

November 06, 2003|by

Anne Bowers, Middleway, 1-304-725-0567

Bowers weaves a rich mix of traditional and contemporary baskets from materials such as reeds and seagrass, adding details like oak handles and curls that resemble flowers.

Treva Blackford, Kearneysville, 1-304-728-8004

For the past decade, Blackford has designed and hand-produced teddy bears. Her Brown Shop Bears are made of mohair with movable joints, filled with excelsior, polyfill and/or pellets, and are hand-stitched. Blackford uses glass or antique shoe buttons for her bears' sparkling eyes.

Ren and Pam Parziale, Leetown, 1-304-725-4251

The Parziales, who have been creating stoneware pottery together for four decades, will display their functional yet beautiful work at their Leetown studio.


Margot Ours, Tucker County, W.Va., 1-304-866-4700

Ours' collection of Needle Artistry includes Icelandic wool sweaters, shirts embellished with Battenburg lace, Cashmere shawls, afghans, quilted table runners, tatted jewelry with Swarovski beads and other items.

Eric Johnson, Shepherdstown area, 1-301-876-7080

Blacksmith Johnson hand-forges a variety of ironworks, including gate latches, pot racks, andirons, fireplace tools, hooks, sheet iron bowls and trays at his working farm.

Tamra Trafford, Shepherdstown area, 1-304-264-9797

Trafford uses the ancient process of lampwork glass bead making to craft her unique beads, which she couples with Swarovski crystal, seed beads and fresh water pearls to create one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.

Gretchen Meadows, Shepherdstown area, 1-304-876-0924

Meadows grows, harvests and cures gourds for use in her earthy artwork. She decorates her gourds with a variety of materials, including paint or dye, wire, buttons and beads.

Thomas D'Onofrio, Shepherdstown area, 1-304-267-3856

D'Onofrio reproduces classic Windsor-style chairs, stools and settees, adding his own aesthetic touches to his designs. He paints and distresses his furniture to make it look as if it's seen years of use.

Steve Adams, Beddington, 1-304-274-1823

Adams uses a hand adz and scorp to create useful yet decorative wooden bowls and trays. He crafts each work from local trees which he cuts by hand.

Glenn Kinser, Shepherdstown, 1-304-876-1426

In addition to carving small birds, waterfowl and Santas, Kinser paints more than 60 bird species as pins for lapels, coats and dresses.

Peggy Meckling, Shepherdstown area, 1-304-267-7742

Meckling's alternative photography process requires hands-on treatment of her photographs. The artist prints images directly onto metal, and combines printmaking techniques with other media to produce photo-inspired etchings, lithographs and copper prints.

Sheila Brannan, Shepherdstown, 1-304-876-1044

Eclectic artist Brannan dabbles in stained glass, whimsical works using hand-blown glass, "garden glass" designs and faux and mural painting. In addition to making traditional stained glass panels and such "garden glass" creations as arbors and lawn ornaments, she incorporates hand-blown glass, copper pipe, antique bottles and other items into freeform designs.

Larry Cook, Shepherdstown area, 1-304-725-8901

Cook crafts his "Stone Soup" garden containers from a mix of cement, pearlite, vermiculite, reinforcing fibers and peat moss. Time and moisure give the containers, which come in a variety of colors and sizes, a mossy patina.

Katherine Zinner Cimaglio, Charles Town, 1-304-725-8052

Cimaglio's full-sized and miniature acrylic paintings capture the vanishing rural character of West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. The artist will also offer her original vignette boxes.

Suzanne Larsen, Shepherdstown, 1-304-876-2881

ZanDesign's Larsen artist uses traditional and contemporary piecing and quilting techniques to create covers, pillows and other home accessories from vibrant and luxurious materials.

Cynthia Portrey, Charles Town area, 1-304-728-0005

Working on a four-harness loom, Portner weaves wool, cotton, mohair and synthetic fibers into shawls, scarves and table runners.

Steve Portrey, Charles Town area, 1-304-728-0005

Working one layer at a time, Portrey uses exotic woods from Brazil and Africa in combination with local woods and those from Canada, Alaska and Washington to create excuisite turned bowls.

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