Write-in races are undecided in Franklin County

November 05, 2003|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - In a race where the incumbent essentially was the challenger, Wilbur "Wib" Sanders on Tuesday night was leading in the race to unseat Quincy Township Supervisor Kerry Bumbaugh, who was running a write-in campaign.

With three of the township's four precincts reporting, Sanders had 294 votes compared to 187 write-ins for 59 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results at the Franklin County Courthouse. That figure for write-ins only identifies the number of write-ins cast, not for whom.

The township's biggest precinct, Quincy 1, where voter turnout was reported to be heavy, had not arrived at the courthouse by midnight.


Bumbaugh, 39, of 7888 Anthony Highway, Waynesboro, Pa., a two-term incumbent, was defeated by Sanders in the May primary for the GOP nomination. Sanders also won the Democratic nomination as a write-in, but Bumbaugh said he felt he had the support to run in the general election.

Sanders, 57, of 5741 Manheim Road, a construction consultant, said his experience in that field would be an asset if he won.

A township supervisor position pays $2,500. Bumbaugh, the owner of Henicle's Markets, also serves as a part-time roadmaster for the township at $12 an hour, he said.

By noon, nearly 300 of the 1,400 registered voters in the Quincy 1 precinct had shown up at the polls.

"This is amazing. Outstanding," said Judge of Elections Molly Gusset. "We've had a line out the door since 10 a.m."

The official count for Tuesday's election will begin Friday morning, according to Hugh Jones, chairman of the Franklin County Board of Elections. That is when write-in votes are officially tabulated.

St. Thomas Township

A proposal by a Philadelphia-area construction firm to build a quarry, asphalt plant and concrete plant in St. Thomas Township was proving a threat to Supervisor David C. Ramer.

Frank Stearn, 58, of 3870 Ricklyn Drive, St. Thomas, Pa., a partner in Sunrise Computers and Electronics in Chambersburg, announced in October he would run a write-in candidacy for the seat of first-term incumbent David C. Ramer, 58, of 3135 Jacks Mill Road.

With all three precincts reporting, Ramer had 565 votes, according to unofficial election results. Stearm said he had counted 592 write-in votes for himself under all versions of his name. Write-in votes are posted at the polling places, but not officially counted on election night at the courthouse.

The board of supervisors has yet to vote on a land development plan submitted by the company, but opposition quickly arose in the form of Friends and Residents of St. Thomas, of which Stearn is a member.

In other township races:

  • Fannett: With all three precincts reporting, Democrat Donald P. Culbertson was leading Republican Raymond E. Dunkle 222 votes to 133.

  • Greene: The latest numbers of the Green Township supervisor race had Republican incumbent Glenn O. Shetter leading Democrat William Cline 1,790 to 728.

  • Montgomery: With all four precints reporting, Democrat William T. Coble defeated Republican Rick Robinson 480 to 319 votes.
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