Yummy...Halloween games and candy

October 31, 2003|by BIG SYD

This is my one of my favorite times of the year.

Halloween. Next to tailgating, when else can you chow down on worthless calories?

Don't answer that.

But the best thing about this time of year is the chance to sit out on the steps of the Dargan compound and give out those fun-sized pieces of Spam-cicles.

The thing I love the most is some of the creative costumes the kids come up with nowadays.

I had a group of youths come up together. They were wearing orange jumpsuits with handcuffs. Each had a different two-digit number.

I ask them what they were.

"We're the Penn State football team," the first kid said.

I should have known.

A girl came to the door. She was carrying a mirror shaped like a tennis racquet and kept looking at her nails. She had a bankbook with very little money and no flashy jewelry.


"Trick or treat," she said. "I'm Anna Kornikova. Please hurry because I can only last one or two house and then I'm out of the running."

Makes sense.

Another kid came to the door. He was wearing a balding skull cap with a white shirt. He had four red flags hanging out of his back pocket.

"Trick or treat. Trick or treat," he said. "I'm Brian Billick, Brian Billick. I'd say it again, again, but the instant replay will keep going against me, against me."

I gave him some Doublemint gum and sent him on his way.

On with the predictions. Last week 21-3 (.875), season 159-43 (.787).


Mercersburg Academy 20, Kiski School 14: Game snowballs as Blue Storm gives Kiski lessons.

Williamsport 23, Boonsboro 16: A game with the Warriors is Custer-made for the Wildcats.

North Hagerstown 34, Smithsburg 20: Hubs use spot remover on Leopards.

Maryland School for the Deaf 46, St. James 21: Saints get stuck marching to beat of a different drum.

South Hagerstown 20, Brunswick 17: Rebels turn Brunswick into Counterfeit Railroaders.

South Carroll 38, Catoctin 23: Bigger Cavaliers leave Cougars Venable to defeat.

Middletown 34, Winters Mill 13: Knights find a thrill grinding Winters Mill.

St. John's at Prospect Hall 49, Fairfield 13: Eu-Ricca, the Vikings score often.

Linganore 46, Thomas Johnson 0: There is nothing novel about Patriot.

Walkersville 41, Century 8: Lions prove Century is 100 years behind the times.

Hancock 31, Hundred 12: Hundred bobbles here with the ball. Hundred bobbles it here. If one of the bobbles would happen to fall, the Panthers will be on the ball.

Frederick 31, North Carroll 13: Cadets be all they can be.

Allegany 33, Berkeley Springs 31: Indians' playoff hopes are dropping like a Rock-well.

Hampshire 27, Hedgesville 18: Eagles make a habit trailing Hampshire.

Martinsburg 45, Musselman 12: 'Dogs bone up for playoffs by unleashing on Applemen.

Carlisle 35, Chambersburg 18: Thundering Herd strikes lightning quick against Trojans.

Greencastle-Antrim 24, Shippensburg 20: Blue Devils tell Greyhounds to leave the driving to them.

Camp Hill 44, James Buchanan 8: Camp Hill races past the Rockets, Doo-da, doo-da.

East Pennsboro 39, Waynesboro 13: Indians are playing on boro-ed time.


Maryland 27, North Carolina 14: Terps kick the Tar out of the Heels.

West Virginia 34, Central Florida 17: Maybe this time, Morgantown won't make an ash of itself.

Ohio State 33, Penn State 15: Just as the Nittany Lions get in trouble, the Bucks stop here.

W.Va. Wesleyan 31, Shepherd 21: This one pulls the Lynch pin on the Rams' season.


Ravens 24, Jaguars 13: This one could be up Boller's alley.

Seahawks 34, Steelers 20: Pittsburgh causes some trouble, but Seattle will Hassle back at the Steelers.

Cowboys 27, Redskins 16: Washington gets fed up with Tuna's helpers.

Eagles 30, Falcons 10: In the standings, this one is for the birds.

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