Mail Call for 10-22

October 26, 2003|by

"Holiday recipe for bread pudding. Eight slices of bread, one third cup raisins, two beaten eggs, one half cup sugar, two cups of milk, one teaspoon of vanilla, one quarter teaspoon nutmeg, one half teaspoon cinnamon, one tablespoon melted butter. Mix all ingredients together, place in a buttered baking dish, top with one or three tablespoons of sugar, one half teaspoon of cinnamon. Cover. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes."

"I would love to have a 1948 Hagerstown High School yearbook. If you still have one left, I would like to buy one. If you have one, call me at 301-739-2050."

"To the person who stole my ceramic pumpkin off my porch, unplugged it and took it. I have had that pumpkin for 25 years. I live on Belview Avenue. I would like to have it back, it has been in my family for 25 years. I would like to have it back, no questions asked."


"I am calling because it's a shame that you can't even decorate outside without someone stealing your decorations. This world is getting awful. Don't you people have anything better to do?"

"This is about bringing angioplasty to Hagerstown. What are people thinking? People are leaving Hagerstown because of the incompetence in this area. Why would anyone want to risk their lives having Angioplasty, such a life threatening thing, done in Hagerstown. It's ridiculous."

"About the Mail Call in Monday's paper talking about the benches in front of the bank and the undesirables. Be careful about calling anybody undesirable. We don't have any undesirables in this town, they are just poor, down on their luck folks who need a helping hand. Didn't you know that?"

"I was just watching a story on TV about a school bus being involved in an accident and rolling over. If this isn't a perfect example of how important it is to have seat belts in a bus, I don't know what is. I think everyone should read about this story and then strongly consider putting seat belts on all buses in every county."

"Congratulations to Tyler Sterling in the sixth grade for making the honor roll for the first marking period at Northern Middle School. Love ya, Nana."

"If you happen to be a widow of a person who is considered a notch baby, you don't draw as much Social Security as what you are legally entitled to. You worked, of course, and yet you are low man on the totem pole. However, our country is supplying no less and has in place 23 programs in our government, furnishing aid to the Soviet Union and believe me the Soviet Union is still the Soviet Union. Who put this in place? Is this one of Mr. Clinton's little dirty deals?"

"I would be interested if anyone has a Hagerstown High School yearbook, class of 1947. Call me at 1-717-593-9771 if you have one. Leave a message if I am not home."

"I found a set of keys on Dam 5 Road with a religious key chain. If they are yours, call Mail Call."

"I want to apologize to Dave at the Sheriff's Department who is calling about the campaign for the children's program. I accidentally hung up on him. I was fixing dinner and I put the phone on my shoulder and it accidentally hung it up. I am so sorry, I didn't hang up on you on purpose."

"My husband lost his college class ring on Saturday evening. Did anyone find it? It is a gold University of Maryland ring, with a red stone. The stone has two gold gear wheels encrusted in it. My husband's initials are engraved on the inside of it, VLC. The ring has very sentimental value to him. We would appreciate it if anyone finds it to call us at 301-797-0863."

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