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Letters to the editor

October 26, 2003

GOP loses credibility

To the editor:

The Donald Currier column in the Sept. 28 issue discusses the Iraq situation in terms of previous wars and says it is time for critics to state what they would propose to do if they become president. He goes on to say that complaints are intended to destroy the credibility of the current administration and pave the way for the defeat of George Bush in 2004.

He is directing his comments at presidential candidates, but he is not considering public opinion. We cannot establish policy, but we will choose a president who will lead us through the continuing difficult times.

There is major public opposition to the results of present administration's policies. Reasons for going to war have been discredited, our soldiers are being killed on a daily basis in a guerrilla war, tours of duty have been extended, Osama and Saddam are still free, the cost of the war is increasing, the national debt is out of sight, poverty is increasing, unemployment is increasing, the road map in Israel is not working, the nuclear threats in Iran and North Korea must be dealt with and anti-American sentiment is increasing all over the world.


These are good reasons for evaluating both Republican and Democratic candidates in 2004.

I think the credibility of the present administration is already being destroyed and if it continues it will pave the way for the defeat of George Bush in 2004.

Harold G. Martin
Waynesboro, Pa.

Caring coach

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and commend coach Dan Cunningham, head coach of the North Hagerstown High School varsity football team, for the compassion and concern he showed toward my son recently.

My son plays for the Williamsport High School football team. During the recent game between North High and Williamsport, my son sustained a broken clavicle (collar bone). He was taken to Washington County Hospital for treatment. While at the hospital, Coach Cunningham personally stopped by the emergency department not once, but twice, to check on my son's condition. Coach Cunningham was also at the hospital to check on one of his own players from North High who had sustained a broken leg.

Most importantly, Coach Cunningham was at the hospital to be with his wife who was in labor and preparing to give birth to their first child. For him to take the time to check on a player from the opposing team shows me, and all the other people with whom I have shared this story, that Coach Cunningham possesses the attributes of a true coach.

I anticipate the North High football program will see much success under his command.

Thanks again, coach, and best wishes to your family and team.

Gary L. Bachtell

Cartoon wasn't funny

To the editor:

Your recent cartoon depicting pit bull owners and their dogs was appalling. You might consider the implications in making sweeping statements about a certain breed: It's tantamount to racism.

How about depicting people who tie dogs - pit bulls - to posts and leave them to die, or who pour gasoline down dogs - pit bulls - throats and try to light them on fire. How about the people who profit from breeding these dogs, the people who force them to fight for what they believe are their lives - but they die anyway. This, at least, is reality. I know this, because as a nurse at an emergency veterinary clinic in California, I've treated the patients, the dogs, brought in by kind passers-by or concerned police officers. These dogs are not monsters, they are sweet and loving and afraid, and hoping that somebody, finally, is going to help them. It's cruelty beyond comprehension.

Animals in our country, and indeed around the world, endure abuse I believe most humans would find intolerable; yet these animals remain loving, happy, trusting and loyal companions if they are lucky enough to be rescued. Pit bulls are no exception. They are the victims of profoundly heartbreaking abuse, mistreatment and misunderstanding - in part thanks to inflammatory and, in this case, untrue, media attention such as yours.

I am appalled that you would print something that is so clearly biased. So I leave you with just one question. Have you ever known a pit bull?

Jenny Hunter
Berkeley, Calif.

Brake was not at fault

To the editor:

I was disgusted when I read the article about Mr. Brake not being allowed to coach for two years because of the incident involving the 15-year-old student. It's no wonder there are so many problems in our schools today when the teachers are in trouble for trying to maintain discipline and respect.

I wonder what the boy's father would have done if his son had "given him the finger" and mouthed off to him at home. If that had been my son, I not only would have supported Mr. Brake's actions, but my son would have been further disciplined by loss of privilages at home.

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