Letters to the editor

October 23, 2003

Vote for Doug Furness

To the editor:

As a former candidate for district justice for Guilford Township, Quincy Township and the Borough of Mont Alto, I repeatedly heard two misconceptions about this position. Now, as a voter and taxpayer, I would like to address these issues.

While campaigning for the primary election, many of the voters I met had the same sentiment about the new district justice position. They said, "It doesn't matter to me; I am a law-abiding citizen." A true statement, I'm sure.

However, the Nov. 4 election will affect law-abiding citizens.

District justices are state employees, and law-abiding, Pennsylvania taxpayers pay their $60,000-plus salaries. Law-abiding Franklin County taxpayers will provide the budget for the DJ office and its staff.


Additionally, DJ's decide civil/small claims cases, tenant/landlord disputes and traffic violations. Any one of us could get involved in a case of this nature. Their handling of felony/misdemeanor cases is the first step in keeping our community safe.

The second misconception was stated by several of the candidates. They said, "The state has no qualifications." Again, this is a true statement. Pennsylvania has appropriately left the privilege of comparing qualifications to the voters.

Doug Furness has a master's degree in Public Administration and a bachelor's degree in history with a government minor. He is a teacher of economics and government. He understands conflict resolution and law. He managed the budgets and staffs of two state representatives' offices.

Please consider the qualifications, and join me in voting for Doug Furness for district justice.

Mary Lou Sheeley
Chambersburg, Pa.

Discounts are given

To the editor:

At the forum, "A Conversation on Literacy" held on Sept. 22, I made the statement that The Herald-Mail did not offer advertising discounts to non-profit organizations such as the Literacy Council of Washington County.

My statement was incorrect because The Herald-Mail does provide a discount to nonprofit organizations for advertisements. I apologize for the misstatement.

George H. Miller, President
Literacy Council of Washington County

Level the sports field

To the editor:

Last Wednesday's Morning Herald sports page carried an Associated Press article that began:

"Donovan McNabb is playing more like a journeyman backup than a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback. Five games into the season, the NFL's highest-paid player is one of the league's worst quarterbacks. As a result, the two-time NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles are 2-3, tied for last place in the division."

Now, what happens?

(1) Does AP lose its wire contract with The Herald-Mail and many other newspapers?

(2) Does The Morning Herald give AP a "thumbs down" at the next opportunity?

(3) Or will ESPN refuse to use any news stories contributed by the AP?

No axe to grind, but wouldn't it be refreshing to see a level playing field for all sports observers?

David L. Woods
Hedgesville, W.Va.

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