Letters to the editor

October 21, 2003

A good idea, but...

To the editor:

The Washington County Commissioners should be commended for offering to pay the lease of a gym at Fort Ritchie for the CSL Youth Sports League and then charge them only $1 for reimbursement. There are however some of issues I find interesting.

The first is that the County Commissioners cut funding for all the nonprofits and the Washington County School Board for the current budget period, citing a budget deficit both at the county and state level.

The second is the money charged by the school board has been or will be used to compensate for the loss of county and state budget money. Now that money will be lost and other projects or programs may be eliminated for the our children attending schools in the county.


The third is that any property leased by the PenMar Development Corp. must pass a building inspection for occupancy.

The forth is that any improvements or fixtures added by the county or CSL must be left on the property when the lease expires at no cost to PenMar Development Corp.

The fifth issue is that the county could donate the difference in the increased fees from the old fees. This would allow the league to continue to use the county schools and also allow the school system to receive the revenues to continue offering the programs which may be canceled.

The sixth issue is the liability insurance required to lease the facility to CSL for athletic purposes. The county schools are already insured for such activities. The County Commissioners are businesspeople and purport to effectively watch or cut government spending. The plan to spend the excess money to use the Fort Ritchie property, as compared to off- setting the increased fees, doesn't seem to be a sound business decision.

The plan does appear to be a flamboyant and public gesture to curry favor from the very people affected by the school budget cuts.

Jaime Trujillo

Profanity is everywhere

To the editor:

I just wanted to briefly tell you that I agree 100 percent with Bob Maginnis' column of several weeks ago about the widespread use of profanity in our everyday conversation these days and how it has totally gotten out of control.

Interesting note to pass along: I attended the football game between the University of Maryland and Duke University at College Park, Md., and noticed several people - students and parents - wearing red tee shirts with the message "F--- Duke" written on the front in bold white letters. One woman was standing in the concession line next to me wearing this shirt with three young children at her side.

I'm curious to know how she might have explained the meaning of this phrase to the little ones if they would have asked.

Tim Brew
Greencastle, Pa.

A great day

To the editor:

To all of the wonderful volunteers of the Potomac Fish and Game Club:

Thank you for the great day. The tractor hay wagon ride was fun, the boat ride was cool and refreshing and the music was enjoyable.

Of course, the dinner was delicious.

My son Kevin and many others really enjoyed this day.

Again thank you to the people who gave of their time and service and Potomac Fish and Game Club who made this day a successful and fun-filled day.

Kevin and Peggy Palmer

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