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'Next Joe Millionaire' goes across the pond

October 20, 2003

Monday, Oct. 20

4:30 p.m. on Cinemax

"Eve's Bayou"

In this stylish drama set in Louisiana in 1962, Samuel L. Jackson plays the charming doctor and family man with a roving eye for his attractive female patients. Tragedy is set in motion when he's secretly observed by his youngest daughter during one of his liaisons.

8 p.m. on Fox

"The Next Joe Millionaire"

It couldn't be done again in the United States, so the folks at Fox went to Europe for the next batch of unsuspecting women longing for a rich husband. This season's "millionaire" is David Smith, a 24-year-old rodeo cowboy who earns $11,000 a year.

9 p.m. on ESPN

"Wild Rules"

This "Survivor"-like clone pits 12 contestants against each other in a race across British Columbia for a $100,000 prize. But these teams are no couch potatoes out for easy money. So that no team gets an unfair advantage, each team consists of a hunter, a strongman, an angler, a military man, an outdoor guide and a weekend warrior.

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