Mail Call

October 17, 2003

"Just wondering who to contact about getting the benches removed from in front of the Waypoint Bank. The undesirables are there on Saturday mornings. When you go up to the ATM, they just stare at you and make you threatened. I talked to the people in the bank and they know nothing about it. So who do we contact to get rid of the benches? It would probably make things safer."

"In just another example of government waste of our taxpayer money. Did you know that the treasury department spent $30 million on a PR campaign to inform you of the new $20 bills, just so we would all love it and would want to spend it and know what it is? Do you really think it would cost $30 million to introduce us to the new $20 bills? I could just go into the bank and when I got one in change, I would say 'Hey, look at the new $20s.' All it takes is a little advertising on the news or in the newspaper. But to spend $30 million on a campaign for a bill that we are going to have to use anyway, is a waste of money."


"Concerning the do-not-call list. I agree with this 100 percent. I don't want all those unwanted calls either, but I would like to know why the politicians think they have the right to call you. Their calls are really worse than the other calls, they are nothing but phonies. So why should they put themselves on the do-not-call list. They are the biggest pain of them all."

"I would like to know if we are going to get the GAC channel, so we can watch the Grand Ole Opry on cable?"

"I was reading in Mail Call about the seniors having to stand outside in line to get a flu shot. Get an appointment with your doctor, that's all you have to do. He will give you a flu shot."

"In reference to the seniors who have to stand outside to get a flu shot. I don't know where you are going, but everywhere I have went, we go inside where it is warm. I guess you just aren't going to the right places."

"To Terry of Keedysville. You are right on the money in defending Bush. I am really surprised more everyday at all the people who don't realize how dangerous these terrorists really are. They will stop at nothing to kill or destroy. Thanks for your great letter."

"I am calling to say that I agree with Tamara Hoffman regarding respect for our teachers and disciplinary action taken with those who choose to misbehave. I was so glad that I was born when I was, so I was taught respect for others and good moral values and I was educated by the three Rs. I am not a whiz with a computer, but I can read, add subtract, multiply and divide without a calculator or an adding machine. We weren't even allowed to use our fingers to count with."

"I think it's a shame that the bus drivers and assistants have to have their time cut. Everyone said the children need to be safe on the buses. Well, how can they if you have to speed down the road because the transportation office won't give you your right time for your route. And in the summer your time gets cut back, then your time has to be changed when you start back to school. That is a lot of time aggravation for accounting to do. Why do a manifest if you're not going to get your time? They should just pay everyone the same salary. I'm so sick of all the cutbacks and the drivers and assistants are the ones that are hurt. They only get a 2 percent raise. That is not enough raise for what we have to go through every day. I think people need to do our job for a week and the parents need to do our job, too. Kids fighting, yelling through the bus, using profanity and that is just a start. So I think people need to step back and look hard at our job."

"Would the lady who bought the metal shelf racks at the yard sale on Friday, Oct. 10, on Virginia Avenue. Please call me, I have them. My number is 301-582-1642, please call by Saturday, Oct. 18."

"I just read about the Funkstown council discussing the busy traffic and the traffic problem on Oak Ridge Drive. Talking about putting a sign where you turn on Frederick Street by the fire hall. Would it make more sense to put a left turn light there?"

"I would like to thank Helen, the nurse at Western Maryland Center, for being so good to my father and we love her very much. She is going to very missed by everyone who knows her and all the patients are going to miss her. Thanks again for being so good to my father."

"To the person inquiring about the lady bugs in her house. First of all they aren't lady bugs, they are box elder bugs, they resemble a lightning bug without the light. They are harmless, they come in every year at this time. They hang around elder maple trees. That is why they are called box elder bugs. They are looking for someplace warm, they will be gone after the first frost. Maybe within the next few weeks."

"This is someone who lives in Maugansville. Due to the nasty windy weather we have had, we lost our flag. It is orangish in color, has a bushel barrel with apples and has a bird on it. Call me at 301-797-0337 if you find it."

"Can anyone tell me when the Lions are going to have their pancake day breakfast over at the Elks? Someone told me it was this coming Saturday, but I haven't seen any ticket information on it yet."

"I am calling representing the new section of Van Lear Manor in Williamsport. We are following the town of Williamsport and our trick-or-treating will be Friday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. Thanks."

"The flu shot schedule for the Elks Club Lodge is Nov. 24 from 3 to 7 p.m."

"The answer to the person who wanted to know the name of the trampoline center in the Oct. 14 Mail Call on Frederick Street. It was called Bounce Land."

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