Mail Call

October 15, 2003

"I am a senior citizen and I am thinking about the flu shots and how the senior citizens have to stand outside in the cold and in all kinds of weather to get these flu shots. We should be able to go inside to get a flu shot."

"I was just reading about the gravestones at Rose Hill Cemetery that were destroyed. These people apparently don't have any respect for anyone. If this were one of their family members, they wouldn't like it. I hope the police catch them, they need to be punished."

"Thumbs up to Tamara Hoffman's letter to the editor on Oct. 9, 'Teachers' Control, not a bad thing.' You hit the nail on the head, from a 1962 graduate of South Hagerstown High School."

"This is an answer to a question in Thursday's Mail Call. Pappy's Pizza was located in the Ames Shopping Center. The trampoline center on Frederick Street next to the present day AMVETS, was called Burk's Bounceland. The miniature golf course, located where Little Caesar's is now, used to be called, Putt n Jeff's. The restaurant was something like Jeff's Chicken, but I'm not 100 percent sure of that one."


"When did they pass the law qualifying a homeowner to tell a person that you aren't allowed to park in front of his house because the parking spot is for his wife? We live on a public street, but yet, he can park his truck in front of my house and lets it sit for a week at a time. This is on South Mont Valla Avenue and that is a public street."

"I can't believe what I read in the paper the other day regarding pay raises for Elizabeth Morgan and also for the CEO of Allegheny Energy. They say they are low on funds, yet Allegheny Energy turns around and gives millions of dollars to that fellow and the School Board increases Morgan's pay. These two things don't make sense to me. Elizabeth Morgan, I agree, you can turn down a raise, if you are so in the red."

"For the people who travel Netz Road in the southern part of the county. I wish they would start respecting the yards a little more. They run into almost everyone's yard, going one way or another. It's ridiculous, the way they are cutting up people's yard. They are driving too fast. There is no way we can put stones at the end's of our yards, because the road is too narrow. It's not the ones who live on the road. Please show some respect for us."

"I've had enough. Can someone tell me how long these lady bugs stay around and how to keep them from coming in your house? I doubt it, but if you do, call Mail Call."

"I would love to have a 1948 yearbook. My number is 301-739-6381."

"To the person who has several 1948 yearbooks: I am interested in having a 1946 or 1950 yearbook. Would you happen to have any of these yearbooks?"

"I want to thank the nice County Commuter bus driver that I had today. Her name is Debbie. She is a very nice lady and I hope I get to ride on her bus again. Thanks Debbie, you really made my day."

"I would like to thank a lady named Tanya at The Herald Mail. The other day I called in there and she helped me with some information on an obituary. I found her to be very, very nice, understanding and very helpful. Every time I have called in there in the past, I found her to be the most cheerful person I have ever spoken to. I hope she continues to be this cheerful, because if she does, nobody will ever mind calling in there because they will have a cheerful person to talk to."

- Frederick, Md.

"To the person who wanted to know about the places in Hagerstown. Pappy's Pizza was located in the Ames Shopping Center, down at the far end and at the Valley Mall where Richardson's was at one time. The trampoline place on Frederick Street was called Burk's Bounce Land and the restaurant that used to be where Little Caesar's is was called Colonel Jeff's. I don't know about the golf course."

"I am looking for Louise. We had correspondence for many many years. I just came back from Florida and I think she is still living. She is either still living with her son Rusty or Alice. She was living on Leitersburg Pike, but her phone has been disconnected. I am living at Reeders Nursing Home and my name is Nellie. So Louise, if you are out there, I want you to know that this is where I am. I don't know where else to call you. I love you and miss you."

"Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Church of the Brethren and the Brethren Church?"

"Can anyone tell me how to recycle phone books? I work at a nursing home and we have about 200 of them that we need to get rid of. If anyone knows, put it in Mail Call."

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