Mama said there were going to be weeks like this

October 14, 2003|by TIM KOELBLE

Every year in college football you can expect to see what happened this past Saturday.

Each week, the big boys of Division I football get their tests.

For six of them, they got a failing grade and it may well be the 'F' that keeps them from graduating to the big BCS dance.

Ohio State, Florida State, Louisiana State, Arkansas and Nebraska were five of the big boys that received a dagger in the loss column. One of the other unbeatens (Minnesota) was shunted aside but you wouldn't consider them a major threat.

Now it's time to adjust the thinking toward the path of the national championship.

This week Oklahoma gets Missouri, who disposed of Nebraska and the Sooners still have Oklahoma State, which they have lost to the past two seasons.


Many people didn't think Miami would get out of Florida State, but they did and now look forward to their big battle with Virginia Tech on Nov. 1.

Don't overlook the Hokies.

If they get past Miami, they'll have three road games at West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Virginia that are certainly in the "should win" category.

After what Oklahoma did to Texas Saturday, I believe there will be another national champion this year with an 'O' leading the inscripted institution.

Unless Oklahoma, Miami and Virginia Tech all lose and the BCS ratings, another two weeks from being released, get really scrambled with one-time losers.

That's the only way Ohio State will even have a chance, and the Buckeyes must still take their suddenly anemic offense against Michigan.

Don't think for a minute that Northern Illinois and Texas Christian - our two other unbeatens - have a chance of becoming one and/or two in the BCS. I'd like to see Northern Illinois go unbeaten since I have Ohio ties with individuals I covered while in Northern Ohio, but they'll not get near the top if they do.

A big month for Hubs

The wheels continue to churn forward for North Hagerstown in its quest to revamp the school football program.

Already 6-0 and with a victory total that equals that of the last two years combined, the Hubs must now focus on business at hand that will be a tough four weeks.

With Friday's game against Catoctin, followed with a battle against Francis Scott Key, North will get stern tests against a pair of 5-1 teams.

While records don't necessarily indicate as much of a test, Smithsburg and South Hagerstown are then next on the agenda but there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to take either of them lightly.

Will North give us a second straight year of Hagerstown being represented in the playoffs?

The answer should be "yes" as long as the young men wearing the red and black stay focused, listen to the coaches, stay out of trouble and react accordingly to any potential crisis that confronts them.

That also means reacting positively should you lose a game.

The world will not come to an end. The sun will rise the following morning and you'll still have the opportunity to step back up.

Tim Koelble is a staff writer for The Herald-Mail. His column appears every other Tuesday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2311, or by e-mail at

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