Mail Call

October 14, 2003

"I read with absolute amazement about the new CEO's $6.3 million signing bonus with Allegheny Energy. All we ever hear and read is their poor mouth where expenses are concerned. You can bet that ordinary workers there don't get any pay near what the top get. Don't you wish that a new job would give us huge sign-on bonuses? Have a great day."

"About the article on the front page of the paper the other night about Allegheny Energy. They say they are in financial trouble, but yet they give a man $6.3 million, his salary is $900,000 a year? You mean to tell me that they are almost bankrupt, but those kind of people get that kind of money?"

"I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the Showcase of Bands. I particularly want to say that it was a great job that South High did and a special acknowledgment to the color guard of South High. You made us proud. Congratulations to Katie, Krista, Jamie, Kelly, Keri, Amanda, Amanda E., Faith, Audrey, Emily, Brittany and Lauren. Girls, you made us proud. Continue the great job you are doing. Have a wonderful year."


"I was surprised about the bond issue for Washington County Schools because we taxpayers are already paying through the nose to support the schools and I was hoping that the County Commissioners would check out every single jurisdiction in the United States that has ever used the bonds. But now I read in the newspaper that Elizabeth Morgan is getting a pay raise. I can't believe that considering the dire straights of the city/county and School Board funding. I hope that they vote it down and make these people start living within their income. I am on a fixed income. I live within my income. I have a little money in the bank saved and I think it is time for the School Board to do the same thing."

"Thanks to Pam for the great job you are doing with the South High School guard this year. They look great. Keep up the terrific job you are doing. Thanks for taking such good care of our girls."

"I need help from all the Mail Callers with a good memory. I have three questions about Hagerstown. First, where was Pappy's Pizza located? Second, what was the name of the trampoline center on Frederick Street? Third, the location now that houses Little Caesar's Pizza on Cleveland Avenue was originally a miniature golf course. Give me the name of the golf course and also the names of the restaurants that were there prior to Little Caesar's."

"Where are all the birds? I live in the country and my backyard was always filled with birds. This time of year, they are always there. I have not seen any birds in my bird feeder for the last several months. Did Hurricane Isabel have anything to do with it?"

"I am the one that put the recipe in for the bread pudding. I forgot to put the milk in there."

"To the person who wanted to know where the closest Eckerd's is. The only one that I know of is in Waynesboro, right on Main Street."

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